22 Celebs Show off the Cutest Haircuts of 2020

Celebrities are usually the first people to showcase the latest and upcoming trends that we will later see everywhere

Photo: @cynthiaerivo/Instagram

Photo: @cynthiaerivo/Instagram

Celebrities are usually the first people to showcase the latest and upcoming trends that we will later see everywhere. That’s why we pay attention to red carpets, flip through magazines, and look at celebrity Instagram accounts to get the scoop on what the huge beauty trends will be. If it’s worth rocking, celebs will be rocking it first.

Since spring is here, we wanted to do some research and see what cool new haircuts some of our favorite stars are opting for the new season. And, of course, share the finds with you. Here are 25 of-the-moment bobs, pixies, ‘fros, feathers, shags, and more that will be trending in Spring 2020.


Natalie Portman’s Jagged Bob


Beauty looks from the 1990s have been back in vogue for several seasons now. And many of these trends will continue right into 2020. While blunt bobs have been the main go-to choice for hair, a messier, jagged bob will be a popular, trendy option for the year. Just like the style Natalie Portman wore to the Academy Awards in February.


Halle Berry’s Modern Shag

Bring on all the retro haircuts (well, the great ones, at least)! We are here for them! The modern shag takes the layered cut from the ’70s and brings it into the 2020s. This style, when done right, will bring the best out of your hair’s natural texture. Curls will bounce, waves will slink, and it will all look effortless and messy–in the best way possible. You can add in blunt bangs, or curtain bangs to add more interest and framing around the eyes. This is meant to be a low-maintenance cut that works with your hair, instead of against it. Just look at how effortless, sexy, and amazing the cut looks on Halle Berry!


Cynthia Erivo’s Pixie/Shaved Head

The pixie is another haircut which is a true classic, and redone decade after decade (think Lola Falana and Mia Farrow in the ’60s and ’70s, Halle Berry in the ’90s and beyond, and Cynthia Erivo and Zoe Kravitz recently.) It just really puts the spotlight on the eyes and face and highlights a beauty who doesn’t need long hair to feel pretty or feminine. It’s also a major time saver in terms of styling and will keep you cool, and having you look cool when the temperatures rise outside in spring and summer. A longer version of the pixie will also be trending in 2020, as will the shaved head, so you can take the pixie to either extreme!


Chrissy Teigen’s Long Layers


Maybe you don’t want to get rid of your hair length. An on-trend alternative that will give you more volume and movement is long layers. Your stylist will add these where they make the most difference and improvement, and to help achieve the look you want. Layers we have heard are on-trend include chandelier layers, cascading layers, invisible layers, and shaggy layers. Chrissy Teigen shows off long layers in this funny ad for her collection with Quay sunglasses.


Dakota Johnson’s ’70s Hair

Hairstyles from various decades past are back in style (including the ’90s of course), but one that deserves a special mention is the 1970s. You will be seeing (and are probably already seeing) curtain bangs, shag haircuts, bowl cuts, and long layers. Dakota Johnson perpetually lives in curtain bangs and easy, shaggy ’70s layers.


Rashida Jones’ French Girl Bob

French style is known for being very chic, timeless, and effortless. It is meant to look like you don’t care when we really do. The French bob is a great example of this. It’s an obvious cut, but the messiness and styling are soft, pretty, and just has that je ne sais quoi. There are several different versions you can consider: chin length or longer, straight or wavy layers, wavy bangs, straight bangs, or none at all. Plus it’s a style that is easy to change up with your mood. Just look at Rashida Jone’s haircut — it is sleek and chic one day and perfectly and effortlessly tousled the next.


Lucy Hale’s Blunt Bob with Texture

Okay, so the ’70s are back in style, but that doesn’t mean that the ’90s have gone anywhere. If you have the very on-trend ’90s blunt bob, there’s no need to grow it out because it’s still going to be big for 2020. The all-one-length style instantly makes your hair look and feel thicker, and the lack of layers also can make it easier to style for some people. We have seen this bob styled super straight, wavy, and full-on curly — and the result looks amazing across the board. Another good thing about the ’90s blunt bob is that it is timeless, so even though it’s on-trend now, it will never really go out of style. What will set the blunt bob apart from previous years, however, is that there will be some texture, added through jagged edges and some layers. Lucy Hale sports an on-trend sleek blunt bob that is broken up at the end with some texture.


Charlize Theron’s Bowl Cut

Okay, the term “bowl cut” may make you nervous, and want to run away from the stylist’s chair, but the modern version of the much-made-fun-of ’80s kid haircut is totally cool. Just look at the version Charlize Theron rocked towards the end of last year. These modern takes on the ’60s/’70s/’80s style can be soft, rounded and feminine, or edgy, severe and androgynous. You can shave the sides and back, or rock it more like a pixie cut. The bowl cut is also a great way to change up your existing bob and give it a fun and edgy new look.


Lupita Nyong’o’s Tapered ‘Fro


We are so happy to see that hair in its natural texture has been seen a lot on the 2020 runways, and seen on celebrities including Lupita Nyong’o, creating a “trend” that is simply a celebration of hair that has been rocked this way for centuries. A particular cut that will be trending for natural hair this year is the tapered afro. It features shorter sides, and longer, voluminous hair on top. It makes for an easily manageable look that doesn’t hide curls, but rather highlights them.


Saoirse Ronan’s Baby Bangs


Bangs are an on-trend, and easy way to change up your current hairstyle. Or you can add them to a totally new cut. One of the many trendy bangs of the year is baby bangs, which are worn here by Saoirse Ronan. They’re another throwback to the 1990s and the decade’s iconic hairstyles, while also being visibly much shorter than average bangs.  They add a cutesy, young, and funky look to your hair. And, once you’re done with the trend, or just want another look, you can grow them out to a blunt bang or curtain bang.


Sofia Reye’s Jaw-Length Bob

Bobs are already everywhere and will continue to be one of the popular go-to haircuts for 2020. But thankfully, there are several options you can choose from, so you can get what works best for you, and/or try something different. In addition to various styles, i.e. blunt bobs with choppy ends, jagged bobs, bobs with bangs, etc., there will be different trending lengths. One is the classic jaw-length bob, which really draws attention to the face. Sofia Reyes decided to change things up for the Spotify Awards in March when she rocked this textured, wet look jaw-length bob with baby bangs.


Selena Gomez’s Curtain Bangs

A lot of the haircuts trending right now are modernized versions of celebrated 1970s styles. One of these styles is curtain bangs. They soften up long hair, frame the face and eyes, and give a dose of sex appeal to hair. And they are a lot less high maintenance than other types of bangs. Curtain bangs look great with naturally wavy hair, and they just give off that I-don’t-care-but-I-do vibe to your tresses.  Just look at Selena Gomez lately, with her effortless retro tresses. Layered haircuts are also going to be big, in a variety of iterations, so these bangs are just the finishing touch a lot of these styles need.


Jada Pinkett Smith’s Undercut

If you ever thought, “I could never have short hair, my hair is way too big, thick, and curly,” well we have the solution for you. It’s called an undercut, and it’s where one side of the head (or both, or three) are cut short or shaved. The rest is left longer, and can be layered, or not. In this photo, we see Jada Pinkett Smith in a blonde undercut, where the back is cut into an also on-trend bowl shape, and the front is longer and styled forward. Undercuts are a clever way to get rid of extra hair that might keep you from getting a certain style. You could also have fun with your undercut, adding shaved-in designs to the cut area.


Amara La Negra’s Round ‘Fro


The 1970s ‘fro is back in all its glory, and no one has rocked it harder than Afro-Dominicana Amara La Negra. We already looked at the tapered Afro, one of the trending haircuts for 2020. But another style that will be seen everywhere this year is the rounded ‘fro. In general, curl cuts will be seen that create a round, voluminous halo (like the lion cut) that allow the curls to extend and frame the face in a beautiful, soft yet dramatic way.


Trina’s Medium-Length Hair


While you will be seeing super short cuts, a la gamine pixie, and super long hair, there is something unexpected and cool about the middle ground. Mid-length hair, shown here on Trina, will also be a trend, which is perfect for those who have grown out their 2019 bobs and lobs, or those who want versatile length without going super long.


Kristen Stewart’s Genderless Cut


Kristen Stewart is the poster girl for one of 2020’s big hair trends. The actress has been sporting a cool, short cut that would look just as stylish on someone from another gender identity. The idea of genderless cuts and styles will be in vogue for 2020, just as genderless fashion has been.


Tia Mowry’s Curly Bob with Bangs

If you’re going to go for a bob, why not throw in some cute bangs while you’re at it, like Tia Mowry did? They instantly make you look younger (and hide any forehead wrinkles), make messy ponytails and buns look stylish, and frame your face for maximum look-at-me fabulosity. Just look at Tia Mowry’s haircut, her curls look bouncy, shiny, and voluminous. The fringe draws attention to her brows and beautiful brown eyes. The whole look is a throwback style at its very finest. Some call this look fringe and ‘fro, and it’s been appearing on the heads of celebrities and Instagram ladies alike. We dig it and can’t wait to see more people rock this style!


Solange’s Triangle Cut

Another haircut which gives off major 1970’s vibe is the triangle cut. The word “triangle” can make girls with curls nervous, but the triangle cut is an intentional style and nothing like the Christmas tree that stylists who don’t understand rizos often give curly-haired women. It takes natural curls and coifs them into a voluminous style that is super flattering. Like the cut does on Solange.


Selena Gomez’s Side-swept Bangs

It is safe to say that Selena Gomez is one to watch for all the latest hair trends. Another trend within the bangs trend, which is huge for 2020, that she has worn is side-swept bangs. This is another style that was also rocked during the ’90s and is being brought in 2020. Sideswept bangs add interest to hair, frame the face, but are something different if you don’t want to opt for styles such as blunt fringe, baby bangs, or curtain bangs.


Jennifer Lopez’s Asymmetrical Bob

Another throwback look that is back in style is the asymmetrical bob. We saw these fabulously uneven styles from Vidal Sassoon in the 1960s, rocked by Salt n Pepa in the 1980s, and as a part of the ’90s bob craze. And they will be trending in 2020; Jennifer Lopez was seen rocking an asymmetrical bob in November 2019 with other big 2020 trends: a deep side part and money piece highlights.


Ashley Benson’s Choppy Bob

Blunt, one-length haircuts aren’t going anywhere for 2020, but you will also be seeing some fun, edgy choppy cuts. It can be as demure as some choppy ends on a bob, or punk-like layers on a ’70s-era shag. This is a great way to add some edge to your existing cut and release your waves and curls. Talk to your stylist to get the perfect choppy look for your particular hair texture, length, and face shape. Ashley Benson’s late 2019 cut is a great example.


Jessica Alba’s Collarbone-Length Lob

We weren’t kidding when we said that bobs of various styles are going to be trending this year. Another to possibly try is the collarbone-length bob, as seen here on Jessica Alba in late 2019. This is a great length, as you get the chic drama and style of a bob, but your hair is long enough for ponytail and updo options. The length also is long enough to really showcase some wonderful waves and curls.


Hailee Steinfeld’s Feathered Hair

Within the 2020 trend of layers, and the 2020 trend of ’70s hairstyles, you will find feathered hair. Made iconic by Farrah Fawcett, this cut features layers cut into a v-shape, creating feathers that dramatically sweep away from the face. Hailee Steinfeld was ahead of the curve, rocking a feathered hairstyle in 2018.


Suki Waterhouse’s Invisible/Internal Layers


Sometimes, you want volume and movement for your hair, without adding in obvious layers. If this is the case, you should get in on the internal layers trend, like Suki Waterhouse has. It adds layers to your hair that appears to be invisible to the eye. You get all the benefits of layers, without the look.

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