30 Nail Polish Colors We Can’t Wait to Try This Spring

Spring is right around the corner! In fact, the first day of the new season is March 20th

Photo: Unsplash/@element5digital

Photo: Unsplash/@element5digital

Spring is right around the corner! In fact, the first day of the new season is March 20th. Whenever spring rolls around it makes even the most diehard black uniform rockers consider soft pastels and lighter nail colors. But what hues to choose? We took a looks at some of the trends seen on the spring and summer runways and gathered all that info for you. Here are 30 of the hottest spring nail polish colors that we can’t wait to try out for 2019. After all, you have to be in the know on all the trends for the new season so you can kick it off on the right foot (pun intended and pedicures are a must)!


Living Coral

You are going to see a lot of Living Coral this year since it is Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year. It’s such a perfect color for spring! We’ve already seen different versions and shades of this color in the form of nail polish, from a super light, soft peach, to rich, darker corals. If you add the neon trend that is still going strong, then it would include bright orange. Living coral is just a fun, happy color that really pops against the skin. It’s a great color that will work for the transition from spring to summer too. Imagine this nail polish against a fresh tan or darker, mocha skin tones. To die!


Frosted Pastels

This color comeback might be due to the resurgence of just about every trend from the ’90s (and ’80s too!), but frosty pastels nails are majorly in style for spring 2019. Pastels aren’t just in season, but the soft shades also leave nails looking fresh, clean, and perfectly polished. Also, with light frosty nail polish colors, you won’t see the new growth of the nail so much, or imperfections such as scratches or chips. You can wear one color on all nails, or partake in another spring 2019 trend by creating a half moon manicure with two different frosty pastel polishes.


Pastel Yellow

Remember seeing all those cheery yellow nails last year? It was a huge trend that’s still in style this year. We saw nail polishes in bright and sunny yellow, in throwback neon yellow, and in softer buttery pastel tones. You could literally wear the color the whole season and rock it in three different ways. Yellow packs a big punch on short nails and allows you to be extra (in a good way) on longer ones. It’s a fun choice for a pop of color, especially if you wear a lot of neutral-colored clothing, such as black, navy, brown, white, and grey.


In-the-Middle Blues

Personally, I live for random colors that aren’t run-of-the-mill. Those colors are tweaked a little and are different from what we’re used to seeing (like a dusty mauve, or that rich, peacock color that lives between blue and green). I was excited that among the blue nail polishes that are in style for spring 2019, there are some that lie in the middle of baby or pastel blue and darker blues, such as cobalt and navy. Think periwinkle and robin’s egg blue. These dreamy colors seem to be a win for summer too, as they make us think of the beach, swimming pools, and vacations in the tropics.


Slate Grey

Greys are always a chic bet for nails. They’re a neutral color, so they’ll go with anything in your wardrobe. They’re also a lot more interesting than white, black, or beige. Think moody tones but in a subtle way. Did I mention there’s a grey shade out there for everyone? For Spring 2019, slate grey is an on-trend choice. We’re loving how the manicure in the photo has a matte finish, which really makes it look like slate or cement. Que cool! We get that there are many of you who can’t wait to wear lighter colors for spring. Fear not, we hear that dove grey is also a popular choice for the season.


Baby Pink

Publications are rejoicing over the slew of new pinks that are on-trend for spring 2019. While classics like Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” will always be a year-round pinky favorite, sometimes you need something different. We saw neon pinks, pastel pinks, and those that were barely pink at all. Baby pink is among those nail polish colors you’ll want to try. It’s feminine, girly, and flattering. It also goes with a lot of colors you’ll be wearing for the season (as well as with pretty much all neutrals). If you’re feeling more daring, why not go for a full-on, throwback Barbie pink?


Sage and Terrarium Moss Green

Write it down. Green is a big color right now. We mean big. You will see so many different versions of it, including neon green, sage, and a terrarium moss green. You can go as light or dark as you want with your green nail polish, and it will still be on-trend. Green polish is always fun because it’s unexpected. A moss or olive/army green also makes for a great neutral, when you want a change from the usual beiges, greys, or nudes. This is another color you can experiment with, wearing a bunch of different versions of green throughout the year.

wp_*postsSoft Lavender and Lilac

It wouldn’t be spring without all those pretty pastels. Not only are they so cute, but they’re soothing to look at! They make us think of Easter, candy, and ’90s Chanel. It’s not surprising that lavender is among the popular colors for spring 2019. What’s fresh and different, though, is that there are tweaks to the formula. Some of the lavenders are super light, almost white in color, which makes them more wearable with a lot of different colors. Then there’s sweet lilac. The color is the happy marriage of pink, with a “touch of lavender.” All these versions we’ve seen of lavender are gorgeous!

wp_*postsCobalt Blue and Princess Blue

Cobalt blue is so rich, so bold, that it is a head-turner, be it in clothing, home decor, or your nails. It looks amazing on short nails, maximizing the small space with a vibrant pop of color. A similar color, Princess Blue, is one of Pantone’s spring and summer colors for 2019, which means that this color is one that will be on-trend at least until fall. This is a fun color to try out on a manicure, but if it’s too loud for you, why not try it as pedi color? Or as a design color against a “nude”/bare nail (designs on bare nails is another big trend)?

wp_*postsSoft Frosted Blue

You can file soft frosted blue under several spring trends. First, you have the ’90s/’80s throwback frosted nail polish vibes. Then, you have the usual pastels we usually (and like to) see for the spring season. Finally, you have variations that are super light in color, almost white, thus making the color act more like a neutral. Three big spring trends, all in one pretty, calming color. It’s just a hint of color, without getting all crazy. This is a fab color for a mani and/or pedi. And don’t be afraid of being matchy-matchy. If you love the color that much, why not?


It’s so much fun to see what the big trends are going to be, and then decide which ones you want to try out, and how. Color trends allow you to participate in a number of ways. A pair of new shoes, a scarf, a lipstick color, a fresh new manicure, and more. Two reds appeared on Pantone’s selection of “in” colors for spring and summer 2019–Fiesta Red (an orange-red), and Jester Red (a darker red). Red was also chosen as an on-trend color for nail polishes for spring. The great thing about red is that no matter what the trends are, it will always be a classic, classy, bold, and beautiful nail polish choice–always!


Sheen and shimmer of all kinds are big for nails for spring of 2019. Holographic, iridescent, and pearlescent nail polishes are all on-trend. So are metallics, like gold, silver, and bronze. Basically, you will want to shine, which is always a good thing. The good thing about the traditional metallics is that they go with practically anything. If you’re cool toned, you may want to opt for cool metallics, like silver or gunmetal. Warm-toned complexions will look fab in warm metals, like gold, bronze, copper, and rose gold. A fun option, which falls into the nail art trend of the season, is to try a “nude”/bare nail with the metallic polish as a French manicure. It takes the elegant classic to a luxe new level.

wp_*postsHot Pink

Remember when we said bold, neon colors weren’t going anywhere? This includes hot/fuschia/shocking pink. In fact, one of Pantone’s colors of choice for spring and summer of 2019 is the bright Pink Peacock. It manages to be girly, chic, and bold, all in one swipe. This is another color that looks stylish as a manicure and/or pedicure color, and will def grab people’s attention. The bold hue also works great as an accent color in nail design. One of the most referenced iterations of this cheery pink is Chanel’s Techno Bloom. With a name like that, you know you’re getting a fun nail polish color.

wp_*postsSunshine Yellow

Ok, we’ve covered the soft, buttery, and pastel yellows you will see throughout spring of 2019. But it’s time to discuss the bolder, cheerier, happier yellows. The happy face yellows, the taxicab yellows, the highlighter yellows, and the sunshiny, banana yellows. They were big last year and haven’t gone anywhere! We love this color, on super short nails, to long, acrylic nails. It looks great with a shiny top coat or matte. It just looks so different, so stylish, and puts a smile on your face. It also looks especially great on brown, black, and tan skin. Definitely a color I will try again for the season!

wp_*postsMint Green

We told you that we are going to see all kinds of green polishes for spring! This version is a soothing, beautiful mint green. Since both light blues and greens are in the forecast for what’s going to be in for the season, you can choose a pastel green that has more green in it or one with more blue. The more the blue the polish has, the cooler the color, which will look great on cool-toned skin. The more green (or yellow) in the overall color, the warmer it will be, making it perfect for warm-toned skin. This also goes for clothing, makeup, and anything else you wear!


We’ve loved greige ever since the hybrid color came on the scene. It is the perfect blend of grey and beige, giving you the best of both worlds. Since it is also a blend of warm and cool colors, making it flattering on a wide array of skin tones. It’s neutral with a little more edge and style, so we are happy it’s a nail polish trend. Heck, this color is so cool, and neutral, that you can pretty much where it whenever, trend or not. For even more interest, try it with a matte top coat to give it a natural stone feel.


Living Coral is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, so you are going to see all kinds of coral items, from clothing to decor to makeup. And not just the bright coral itself, but different variations of it. This means peach. Like other pastels, we have seen peach done uber light, as well as the traditional peach we are all used to seeing. This nail polish is pastel but packs more of a punch. It’s a pop of color, without being too bold. It’s super flattering on warm-toned skin and is also feminine without being too girly.


If you’re going to have lavender as an on-trend nail polish color for spring, why not go darker and more rich with a more grapey purple? It’s such a fun, springy color that is a bit more unexpected than pastels. When you sport short nails, you often want something that will not bore you in terms of color, something that is different and stylish. Purple ticks all those boxes. We like how this manicure also features other spring colors like white, pink, and a minty blue, in a unique design. It’s actually a totally out-of-the-box take on the French manicure!

wp_*postsChunky Glitter

Don’t worry, you don’t have to store your glittery nail polishes after New Year’s Eve. It’s actually a big trend for spring and summer! In fact, it’s such a thing, the trend is leaning towards chunky glitter that really packs a punch. A lot of these polishes look like confetti, which is perfect because this will be a year of celebration, no? Like other glitter polishes, you can add one coat to bare nails, letting the natural nail be seen under the bits of glitz, or you can layer it on for a party-ready look. This is a trend you can really have fun with!

wp_*postsDark Silver

We mentioned that metallics and shimmery shades across the board are going to be a trend for spring and summer. And, we also talked about how the main metals–gold, silver, and bronze–are another trend within that one. Well, here’s a trend, within a trend, that’s within another one. We darker silvers and gunmetal nail polish shades among the season’s selections. This is great if you want something a bit darker for spring, instead of all those light and airy hues. A darker silver looks luxe and edgy, without being too dark either. Plus it’s neutral, so it’ll go with everything!

wp_*postsBarely There Neutral Pink

One of the colors that is part of the collection of on-trend spring and summer 2019 nail polish hues is a super-light, whispery pink. It is like a barely-there pink, a soft shade that is almost white (a trend we have seen done in polish with a lot of other usually-pastel colors). The result is so flattering, and so subtle, but great if you want something just a little bit different from a traditional “nude” color. Colors this light are lower-maintenance, as you won’t see chips, scratches, and/or new growth as quickly as you would with more bold and darker colors.

wp_*postsTeal/Dark Seafoam


Somewhere on the spectrum between blues and greens, we have teal, as well as a dark seafoam color. Both are part of the colorful assortment of nail polish colors you’ll want to check out and try, for spring and summer this year. They’re such rich, pigmented colors, perfect for the warmer weather (it totally makes us think of brilliant blue-green swimming pools). It’s a fun pedicure color you’ll want to show off in sandals, and an unexpected pop for the hands. And, it does double duty, trend-wise, as both several blues and several greens were seen all over the spring and summer 2019 runways!

wp_*postsPearlescent Light Colors

If you were around in the ’80s, you’ll recognize this latest spring and summer 2019 trend. It’s all about pearlescent nail polishes. But, they go beyond the obvious pearl white to delve into throwback classics like pearlescent pink (seen here). This trend goes hand in hand with the frosted pastels one. We’re pretty sure they’re meant to give you that sense of nostalgia, as many ’80s and ’90s trends are back in a big way. Feel free to try any of the pastels you usually reach for during spring with this finish. You’ll get a fresh take on a trusted color!

wp_*postsBlack and White

White is one of the nail polish colors for spring and summer, and we know that you have more than likely donned a chic-meets-goth black nail, from time to time. The latest trend, my friends, is designs featuring the two. We’re talking checkered, marbled, graphic lines and shapes, and more. Have fun with the designs! You can add as much, or a little detail as you want. You could literally only wear black and white manicures all through spring and summer, and never do the same design twice. And, you know the colors will match with most anything you’ll wear. For those who want a more natural look, you can try black, or white, designs on a bare nail for a negative space effect.

wp_*postsWarm Earth Tones

You may have seen earthy, boho colors like terracotta popping up in home decor, furniture, clothing, and beauty. These warm earth tones are on-trend for spring and summer nail polish. This is another thing we could blame on the ’90s, as brownish neutrals were all the rage. And these neutrals are gorgeous, complimenting a lot of fashion choices while being a little different from the usual color trends. Plus, there’s a warm earth tone for everyone (I am cool-toned, but love these hues!). Adding a matte finish really seems to make these colors pop, as they then look like natural sand or stone.

wp_*postsSuper Soft Colors as “Nudes”

Is it grey? Or maybe pink. Lavender? Beige, perhaps? These are the questions you’ll want your nail polish to inspire in order to jump on one of the spring and summer nail polish trends. All these soft pastels and neutrals are going so light, so soft, and so vague (in a good way), that they’re perfect as the new version of “nude.” You could think of them as nudes with different-colored tints, much like white room paints that have a variety of different-colored tints to them. They’re a great refresh to a neutral nail polish choice we reach for again and again.


What’s fun about these upcoming spring and summer seasons is that the colors are so varied. There are fabulous colors for those who love their neutrals (with some fun varieties!), as well as the richest and vibrant pops of colors for those who love to live boldly pigmented. There are also soft colors that float in between the two extremes. This was definitely translated into the nail polish colors, as well as the finishes. We have chunky glitter, pearl, frosted, and don’t think that holographic went away. It’s still on the list for nail polish trends for 2019. A holographic finish adds a futuristic, sci-fi touch to any color you choose to wear.


Black and white is a spring thing for nails, but so is just white. It’s such a bold, crisp choice, that also happens to go with most everything in your wardrobe. It’s a color which people go for throughout the year, but it’s a breath of fresh air when you’ve been rocking darker shades all through winter. If bright white isn’t your thing, you know you can try the super-light pastels we’ve mentioned, or a softer, more cream or beige color. Trends are trends; you don’t have to try them all, or you can tweak them to work best for you.


You can’t have silver and bronze without going for the gold. It’s such a fun, luxe color, that both serves as a neutral, but adds a touch of glam to everything worn with it. If you want to do a two-for-one on your trends (which is fun), you can wear the gold polish with the on-trend iridescent, frosted, pearlescent, or holographic finishes. Or, you can wear a polish like the one shown here, which is sparkling with chunky bits of glitter. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring at your nails, and moving them around so the light bounces off of them. Shine on.

wp_*postsWarm Blush

All shades of coral will be on trend this spring and summer, thanks to Pantone naming Living Coral it’s Color of the Year. And we’re not mad at it. So pretty on a variety of skin tones, it speaks of vacations, tropical vibes, ice cream, and vintage femininity. One of Living Coral’s prettiest iterations is warm blush. Just a hint of color is enough to take the hue out of the “nude” or beige category, into a warmer peachy blush moment. These softer colors are much more low-maintenance, while still offering a beautiful result. Here’s to Living Coral this year, all day, every day!

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