13 Major Spring and Summer Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Know About

Spring officially starts on March 20, but you can get a head start on some of the major trends for Spring/Summer 2018 right now

Photo: Unsplash/@aliffhassan91

Photo: Unsplash/@aliffhassan91

Spring officially starts on March 20, but you can get a head start on some of the major trends for Spring/Summer 2018 right now. From ’90s-inspired parkas, to bright colors, to puff sleeves, here are 13 major fashion trends you’ll want to know about.

Anoraks, Windbreakers, and Parkas

The 1990s has been the decade that fashion seems to go back to for inspiration time and time again lately. The latest interpretation of the ’90s reworked for today is wearing bold, sometimes colorful parkas, anoraks, and windbreakers.

wp_*postsWide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are back! They’re dramatic, great for balancing curves, and a breath of fresh air after seeing leggings and other sleek pants everywhere.

wp_*postsBright, Saturated Hues

Bold, bright color, worn both monochromatically, head to toe or color-blocked, is another major trend for Spring and Summer 2018. This is the perfect time to wear a bright dose of yellow, hot pink, or a fun mix of two hues (pink and red together is also going to be on-trend).


Metallic and Glittery Shoes

This is the era of the Cinderella shoe. Whether it is metallic, glittered, or sequined, sparkly shoes (even for daytime) are the way to go. Sequins, satin, and other such shine is a big trend for clothing as well, so try a glimmering jumpsuit, or an embellished tee, jeans, and bejeweled pumps.



The great thing about trends is that there are a bunch of them per season, so if you don’t like one, you very well may find another you do like. If bright colors aren’t your thing, pastels will still be in vogue for spring and summer. Ice cream, candy colors – from peach, to mint, to sky blue, and lavender will be all the rage.


Another trend that is popping up everywhere – from jewelry, to clothing, to shoes – is transparency. I’ve seen sheer, gauzy coats over outfits, clear plastic shoes and bags, and acrylic jewelry. Plastic and vinyl/PVC will also be popular, in general.

wp_*postsMixed Prints

It appears that this season is about taking chances with colors, textures, and prints, and having fun. Mixing prints, like polka dots and florals, or stripes and an abstract print, was seen on the spring/summer runways. This is a trend that you can be subtle with, or get cray with – it’s up to you.


Fringe is in! It’s fun, flirty, and sexy, because it moves with your body. Shimmy away in a little – or a lot – of fringe this spring and summer.


Decorated Denim

Even though pretty much everyone wears denim, it is very personal to each wearer. You search for a fit, wash, and style that expresses who you are. For Spring and Summer 2018, jeans, jackets, and other denim is being bejeweled, embroidered, written on, patched, and decorated in every which way. Some denim on the runway was so luxe, it doubled as evening wear. This is the perfect opportunity to take the perfect jeans and/or jacket, and customize it to your heart’s content.

wp_*postsLogos and Monogram

We can blame this trend on the 1990s too. Logos and monograms found their way back onto t-shirts, clothing, and accessories on the spring/summer runways (monogram bags are back!).


It seems like ruffles have been around for a bit, but they’re not going anywhere for spring and summer. Try a ruffled top with jeans, or a dress with cascades and tiers (another big trend) of fabric.


More than One Bag

If you ever wished you could carry more than one handbag to lug around all your stuff, this latest trend is for you. Whether it is a handbag and tote, or two handbags, or a bag and minibag, multiple purses are on-trend.


Puff Sleeves


The’80s. Dynasty. Drama. These are just three things that come to mind when seeing the puff sleeve trend that was prevalent on the runways for Spring and Summer 2018. Puff sleeves are a great way to add oomph to an otherwise subdued shirt, add balance to the hips, and instantly makes the waist look smaller. Yes!

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