4 Latina Food Bloggers to Follow on Your Healthy Journey

In a time where we are working on living healthier, more sustainable lives what better way to live the healthiest life as deliciously (and simply) as possible then by following a Latina food guru? Below are four Latina food bloggers that will inspire you to live your healthiest life yet. Their websites are easy to follow and their recipes will make your stomach happy. 

MOMables, Laura Fuentes 

This website is so easy (and fun) to navigate! Start in the upper right hand corner by hitting the “First Time Here” button to get started. The top of the website has you pick from three categories: Meal Plans, Picky Eaters, and Recipe Index. Laura’s recipe index is further categorized by the type of meal and diet preference. So simple. What else can you really ask for? Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive new recipes and updates!




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