5 Brazilian FitDance Favorites That Will Get Your Body Moving

FitDance I became pretty obsessed with Shakira and Maluma’s latest hit, “Chantaje” as soon as it was released

Photo: Unsplash/@dncerullo

Photo: Unsplash/@dncerullo


I became pretty obsessed with Shakira and Maluma’s latest hit, “Chantaje” as soon as it was released. Now that the song is topping the Billboard and Spotify Latin Charts in most países south of the border, it appears I’m not alone in my obsession. The video has more than 500 million views on YouTube. Shakira and Maluma’s sexually charged cat and mouse game in the video has definitely made viewers jealous and wanting to be part of the on screen química (at least that’s how I feel…). It’s even caught the attention of top Colombian YouTube celebrity, Jonatan Clay, with his spoof, “Maquillaje.”

The video prominently features Shakira’s abs, which are incredible. I guess next time I’m hanging out with her in Barcelona, I’ll have to set aside some time for her to show me her ab routine, jaja. But since it looks like her schedule is a bit full the next few months, I may have to settle for a workout a bit closer to home. That’s where FitDance comes in. I actually discovered them while searching for the “Chantaje” video before its release. This high energy Brazilian workout dance troupe choreographs top songs. From reggaeton, to cumbia, to Brazilian favorites, to American top 40, you’re sure to find a creative and #moviendocaderas worthy routine that you’ll want to move along to from your living room.

I can’t say that Shakira and Maluma don’t own the screen, but FitDance definitely gives them some competition. Plus in most of their videos, FitDance shows how many calories you’ve burned after dancing along to their routine (though if we compare that to the number of takes it took Shakira and Maluma to film the video, they still may be #winning in the calorie competition).

Don’t worry if you think you’re too awkward or uncoordinated to move along to FitDance—they rank their videos by difficulty level so you can work your way up to pro status. If you really want to ease into the routine, you could start by just observing them from the elliptical or treadmill, as their videos will still be sure to get you motivated to mover.

Here are some of our favorite videos from FitDance. Hopefully this helps to balance your love of music and whatever feeling it is that you have toward going to the gym!

Chantaje – Shakira and Maluma

Here it is… no more waiting! They don’t show as much skin as Shakira, but they do have just as much energy and sex appeal.

Sia – Cheap Thrills

Because who can ever get sick of Sia? I have to give it to the dancers in this video for having their orange sneaker game on point—I’m pretty sure Sia would approve. The only problem is that this is ranked as Level eight for difficulty, so I think I have awhile to go before attempting the moves.

Despacito – Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

If you were overwhelmed with the difficulty levels of the other videos, this one is a bit slower. I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song, so I’m glad FitDance came out with their own Fonsi-approved choreography.

Wisin – Vacaciones

While I might be able to follow along to the dance moves, I’m not sure I could so effortlessly pull off the blue camouflage tank top and leggings combo that the dancer on the left is wearing.

Ginza – J. Balvin and Anitta

The only thing better than listening to J. Balvin is adding a toque brasileño to his already catchy songs. This routine will burn 52 calories—not so bad for just three minutes of moviendo el cuerpo! Also, let’s not talk about how I feel about the man bun, but the dancer in the center is really rocking it.

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