5 Latin American Destinations For Your Next Girl’s Getaway

When you think of getting out of town with your mejores amigas, where do you usually consider going to? Vegas tends to be a popular choice

Photo: Unsplash/@mybbor

Photo: Unsplash/@mybbor

When you think of getting out of town with your mejores amigas, where do you usually consider going to? Vegas tends to be a popular choice. Miami or the Keys, maybe? Or perhaps New Orleans? All of these places are great, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to get away even further. To escape not only your local area, but to expose yourself to a new country, a new culture. As Latinxs, you may even want to consider using your tourist dollars to boost the economies of our homelands. We’ve rounded up a list of five excellent Latin American destinations that are equal parts fun, safe, and accessible.

Cartagena, Colombia

If Colombia’s ever been on your radar, now’s your chance to check it out by way of Cartagena. This picturesque colonial town features plenty to see and do (plus plenty of spots for downtime). Take in some history along the Walled City, where you can pick up souvenirs and enjoy local cuisine (like a bowl of sancocho or fresh, local-style ceviche), or simply chill on the Playa Blanca until the sun goes down. If you’re looking for legit party vibes though, try hopping on a chiva (Colombian party bus), where you can drink and dance while also seeing various parts of the city. Just don’t leave without climbing into El Totumo (a volcano that’s just a short drive out) for a mud bath unlike anywhere else.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a small, coastal town with plenty to see and do without getting overwhelmed with FOMO. Hit up el Malecon (the local boardwalk) for live entertainment, beautiful sculpture, and breathtaking sunsets. Take an Uber to explore the various art galleries and artisanal markets, dine on the sand at La Palapa, or hit the nightclubs in la Zona Romantica (an LGBTQ-friendly zone, FYI). And while you’re at it, feel free to stay at the Hacienda, the Hilton Puerto Vallarta’s adults-only section where you can enjoy a private pool right outside your door (plus it’s all-inclusive, has direct beach access, and their spa is top-notch so you couldn’t ask for a better home-base).


Santiago, Chile

There are many things one can do while visiting Santiago, but the one that might appeal most to you and your girl crew is wine tasting. Chile is well-known for its wine, and many of the best spots featuring tours and tastings are within an hour’s drive of the city (like the Viña Cousiño Macul). But of course, you’ll need to do more than just sip, so feel free to stroll the many museums and galleries in town. Then get your dance shoes on and head to the Providencia neighborhood for the best clubs in town (which don’t close until 5 a.m.!) Just make sure to book a room at the centrally-located and trendy W Santiago Hotel, where you can get the very best views of the city and Andes mountains from their rooftop pool.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

You’ve heard the excitement over Rio before, so why not fly down there for a girl’s getaway you’ll never forget? Aside from being home to beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people, Rio is a place that’s bustling with energy 24/7. Spend your days getting some sun on the infamous Ipanema Beach with your besties, then get ready to experience the nightlife in Lapa, a neighborhood that’s bustling with restaurants, bars, and clubs. If your group prefer a bit more down time, try walking around their botanical garden or checking out a concert or dance performance at the Theatro Municipal.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

For a girl’s getaway that’s nearby but still feels like it’s world’s away, try booking a flight to Punta Cana. Canopy tours here are a great way to connect with your amigas. In fact, there’s even a zip line tour that will take you to another must-see attraction in Punta Cana: el Hoyo Azul—a pristine cenote (lagoon inside a cave) you have to see to believe. For another authentic experience, head to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park Reserve, a private area committed to conservation and scientific research where you can learn more about the culture and history of the country, while also enjoying the flora and fauna of the area. Oh, and don’t worry, Punta Cana also has a vibrant nightlife scene (it is, after all, a big tourist hotspot), so you’ll get plenty of chances to dance and be merry as well.

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