5 Latin American Destinations For Your Next Girl’s Getaway

When you think of getting out of town with your mejores amigas, where do you usually consider going to? Vegas tends to be a popular choice. Miami or the Keys, maybe? Or perhaps New Orleans? All of these places are great, of course, but sometimes it’s nice to get away even further. To escape not only your local area, but to expose yourself to a new country, a new culture. As Latinxs, you may even want to consider using your tourist dollars to boost the economies of our homelands. We’ve rounded up a list of five excellent Latin American destinations that are equal parts fun, safe, and accessible.


Cartagena, Colombia

If Colombia’s ever been on your radar, now’s your chance to check it out by way of Cartagena. This picturesque colonial town features plenty to see and do (plus plenty of spots for downtime). Take in some history along the Walled City, where you can pick up souvenirs and enjoy local cuisine (like a bowl of sancocho or fresh, local-style ceviche), or simply chill on the Playa Blanca until the sun goes down. If you’re looking for legit party vibes though, try hopping on a chiva (Colombian party bus), where you can drink and dance while also seeing various parts of the city. Just don’t leave without climbing into El Totumo (a volcano that’s just a short drive out) for a mud bath unlike anywhere else.




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