5 Things to Look Forward in 2017 more Mariah, Selena, and Cabo

Since 2016 ended on an unexpected note: the Selena collection for Sephora sold out in days, and the election went the way it went (that’s all I have to say about that).  Now we can talk about beauty and makeup!  For a bit of good news: The Selena collection will be re-released in 2017! We are also secretly looking forward to the continued success of Mariah’s World in 2017.

We are waiting……

Selena Collection 2016 re-released TBA

MAC Selena

MAC Selena

From the trends we’re seeing on the runway this year, it looks as if the flawless, ultra-glam look that ruled 2016 (think ultra thick squared brows, intense contouring, the matte lip) is on its way out. For the 2017 season, we’re seeing less strobing, more pink flushes, and the return of the the lip that  reigned over the mid 2000s—that’s right, the glossy shiny pout is back. In truth, I’m a little sad to see contouring go—when done right, it’s just a way to enhance your natural angles using tricks of lighting (I’m not sad to see the intense super obvious contour go, however).

Moving into 2017 I am lookng forward to more of Mariah. I can’t look away. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was Number 1 again this Christmas, and her tour has made a few of us actually want to watch E! TV again. They have definately brought about an interest to night time viewing. Stay Tuned – Really you know the schedule.






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