6 Latino Owned Breweries You Can Support This Cinco De Mayo

As you may or may not know Constellation Brands are leaving Mexicali communities without drinking water. On October 20, 2015 they signed a contract with Mexicali’s State Public Utilities Commission to purchase 20 million cubic meters (5.3 billion gallons) of water a year. They’ll receive water from the region’s aquifer, which it will have to buy from local farmers, but the contract signed with the authorities also entitles the company to draw from the city’s public water network despite a 2015 report by the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) that said the “(water) volume is not sufficient to accommodate new concessions in the Mexicali Valley aquifer.”  Constellation Brands is the third largest beer producer in the U.S. and are based in New York, they own nearly all of your favorite Mexican beer brands like Modelo, Corona, Tecate, Victoria, Pacifico, the list goes on and on. As Cinco de Mayo is upon us, notoriously known for copious beer drinking, we should be conscious of what brands we support— especially since they will be profiting off of a Mexican Holiday while at the same time exploiting the Mexican people. Here are 6 Latino owned breweries you can support.

Brewjeria Company

These guys call themselves the Brewjos! What started out as homebrewing eventually turned into a mission to give back to the community through supporting local Latino and inner-city non-profits. These socially conscious Latino partners are brewing beer in Hacienda Heights, California and are helping to support non-profits like Multicultural Communities for Mobility, the East LA Community Corporation, and El Monte Promise Foundation just to name a few.




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