7 Coupon Apps You Shouldn’t Shop Without

There is nothing better than getting a good deal and not having to pay full price. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for a sale at our favorite stores. These seven apps will help you find great deals so you can save your money and maybe splurge on that extra pair of shoes. Happy shopping!


coupon apps ebates

Credit: Ebates

Ebates is probably one app you have heard of through a friend but you may not have tried it yourself.  Ebates has a mobile app, chrome extension for computer shopping, and an in-store function so you can save IRL too. 

How it works: Ebates offers customers cash back deals on select stores. They get a commission from stores for sending customers their way and they share part of that commission with us.

As a friend put it: “[Once you sign up and set up your account] Ebates is easy to use and it works! They track everything for you and they send you a check automatically so you don’t even have to remember to request it. Also if you shop at the same places you can start to get a feel for how high the rebates will be. [For example] Nike has a 10% back right now. I was able to get shorts from their sale section with an extra 10% back and free shipping!” —Katarina C., 32




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