7 Coupon Apps You Shouldn’t Shop Without

There is nothing better than getting a good deal and not having to pay full price

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

There is nothing better than getting a good deal and not having to pay full price. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for a sale at our favorite stores. These seven apps will help you find great deals so you can save your money and maybe splurge on that extra pair of shoes. Happy shopping!


coupon apps ebates
Photo: Ebates

Ebates is probably one app you have heard of through a friend but you may not have tried it yourself.  Ebates has a mobile app, chrome extension for computer shopping, and an in-store function so you can save IRL too. 

How it works: Ebates offers customers cash back deals on select stores. They get a commission from stores for sending customers their way and they share part of that commission with us.

As a friend put it: “[Once you sign up and set up your account] Ebates is easy to use and it works! They track everything for you and they send you a check automatically so you don’t even have to remember to request it. Also if you shop at the same places you can start to get a feel for how high the rebates will be. [For example] Nike has a 10% back right now. I was able to get shorts from their sale section with an extra 10% back and free shipping!” —Katarina C., 32


coupon apps Honey
Photo: Honey

Honey is an app I discovered via a Facebook ad more than year ago and it has saved me at least $100 in that time period.

How it works: You download the chrome extension and at checkout you click on the ‘H’ icon at which point the program scours the internet to see if there are any coupon codes available for you. You can also earn cash back rewards program with HoneyGold to “accumulate and redeem for Amazon gift cards.”


3) RetailMeNot 

coupon apps Retail Me Not
Photo: RetailMeNot

With RetailMeNot you can access online saving coupon codes without logging in, view RetailMeNot exclusive deals, and browse categories like free shipping. Although you get a better experience if you create an account and download the app. They also provide the option of buying a gift card for ‘X’ amount to save ‘X’ amount. For example if you purchase the $20.75 gift card to Chili’s it has a $25 value, saving you 17%.* Plus, they have a back to school sale going on right now!

If you are looking for a “community” of savers, RetaiMeNot also has a community page to share and connect with others over savings.


coupon apps ibotta
Photo: ibotta

How it works: Ibotta partners with 344 stores and provide three ways to save. You can send in your receipts, link a loyalty card, or  make in-app purchases. The app also provides savings with partner companies like booking.com or hotels.com. Your Ibotta earnings can be transferred to a PayPal or Venmo account, once you have earned $20.00. If you prefer gift cards you can convert your earnings into gift cards as well.

wp_*postsThe Tracktor 

coupon apps The Tracktor
Photo: KrazyCouponLady

Another savings site you may not have heard of is The Tracktor. According to their slogan, they “unearth the internet’s best prices.”

How it works: The site keeps track of the prices of certain products and can notify you when an item you’re interested in is available at your price point.

A friend with personal experience using this site recommends it “…for big purchases, especially ones that are not time sensitive. Always check the price history to get an idea of price range and see if a lower price is possible. I have used the email price notification a handful of times before, but I use the basic price history more regularly. They also have a Chrome Plugin, but I stopped using it a while ago because it didn’t work.” — Louis D., 27


6) WikiBuy 

coupon apps wikibuy
Photo: Wikibuy

Similar to Honey you can also try WikiBuy.

How it works: When you sign up for free, they will ask for your zip code to estimate shipping and if you are an Amazon Prime member. On your home dashboard they will show you trending deals, and you can also shop by categories or featured stores. You can see when a code was last used/worked and average savings for a featured store as well.


7) Target Cartwheel

coupon apps Target Cartwheel
Photo: Target

With all the shopping we do at Target we might as well save money there too. The website boasts it has saved customers $1,016,340,464.00. Using Cartwheel you can add discounts on an array of products at Target “ranging from 5% to 50%. [Just] scan a barcode at checkout to get the discounts.” says Jeff of C&J Frugal Living, blogger husband and wife duo. 

“I like Cartwheel because it has offers specific to what I’ve purchased before as well as breaking out deals into different categories (food, beauty, pets, etc.) I used Cartwheel once to get a case of Aquafina water for $1.25 and saved $5 off a large bag of dog food. You can check your app for lifetime savings… So far I’m up to $30+ dollars.”  Jeff B, 32 of C&J Frugal Living

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