7 Essential Things You Need to Imitate Raquel Welch’s Iconic Style

Boliviana actress and singer Raquel Welch (born Jo Raquel Tejada) is an icon, a classic bombshell, and international sex symbol

Photo: Wikimedia/Justin Hoch photographing for Hudson Union Society

Photo: Wikimedia/Justin Hoch photographing for Hudson Union Society

Boliviana actress and singer Raquel Welch (born Jo Raquel Tejada) is an icon, a classic bombshell, and international sex symbol. She’s been repping for Latinas in Hollywood since 1964, when she appeared in her first film, A House Is Not A Home. In a time where Hollywood was about cookie-cutter looks and Anglo-identities, Raquel fought to keep using her name, and showcased a different interpretation of beauty.

In the process, Raquel Welch became legendary. Her look is timeless, identifiable, and copied today—here are eight trademarks of Raquel’s style, and how to duplicate them.


Boho Clothing

Raquel Welch’s style in the ’60s and ’70s involved a lot of bohemian and American Indian/Native American-inspired looks. This hippie dress by Crochet Kat Fios looks very similar to an iconic garment Raquel wore. Crochet Kat Fios Embroidered Bohemian Mini Dress, $239.14-$342.32.

Photo: Crochet Kat Fios/Etsy


Big Hair

Raquel has changed her hair over the years, but she is definitely known for big, voluminous hair. You can pump up the volume by using hot or regular rollers (or go really ’60s and use soda cans!), or you can just get a fabulous wig from Raquel’s line. DAISO Sponge Hair Sticks, $10.98; Raquel Welch Wigs, Prices Vary.



Brown ’60s Eyes and a Nude Lip

Raquel Welch’s makeup has always involved a smokey brown eye, and a nude lip. Her feline eyes are also always well defined with liner (you can check out a great Raquel Welch makeup matte tutorial here. Besame Cosmetics, who are the experts in vintage makeup, have the perfect peachy nude lipstick for recreating Raquel’s look—Portrait Peach (which is a true replica of a 1965 color).  Besame Cosmetics 1965 – Portrait Peach Lipstick, $22.



Statement Earrings

Raquel loves a good statement earring. These lightweight, ornate ones by FunFashionAccess are a good replica of the style she is sporting in this 1960s photo. FunFashionAccess Medallion Filigree Earrings, $9.99.

Photo: FunFashionAccess/Etsy


Head Scarves


A great scarf or headband will add the perfect hippie touch to a lot of your outfits. This one by Katarina Hats is very 1960s Raquel Welch. Katarina Hats Hippie Headband, $17.

Photo: KatarinaHats/Etsy


White Clothing

Although she wears different colors, and prints, Raquel Welch is known for wearing a lot of white. It is the perfect pop against her tan skin, brown hair and eyes. Fashion Nova has a dress that is a great remake of a style that Welch wore in 1960.  Fashion Nova Love Don’t Cost a Thing Dress, $32.99


Leopard Print

Raquel knows how to work an animal print (or an animal bikini). Boo hoo makes an adorable bodysuit that allows you to add a dash of bold leopard to jeans, dressier pants, shorts, and skirts. Slinky Leopard Print Square Neck High Rise Bodysuit, $16.

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