7 Signs You’re An Empath

I am an intuitive empath lightworker

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I am an intuitive empath lightworker. Growing up, I always knew I was super emotionally sensitive; drawn to water, nature, and crystals; was the ear to many of my friend’s problems; and always felt really connected to God and spirit. I wish I would have known that what I was experiencing meant I was an empath—it now makes so much sense! It is a part of my life, who I am, and what my life purpose is. Here are seven signs that you, too, may be an empath.


You Are Affected By Others’ Emotions


Empaths are like sponges, picking up on the emotions around them. You may suddenly feel anxious or upset, without realizing the feelings are someone else’s. Conversely, you are happy when others are happy. Some empaths take on the physical symptoms of other people. This can leave one tired, drained, and sick. Luckily, there are ways to shield yourself from other’s emotions, set boundaries, and protect and replenish your energy.


Your Intuition is on Point

Empaths just know things. You can pick up on someone’s vibe, the meaning behind someone’s words or actions, and just be a human lie detector.


You Feel Overwhelmed in Crowds

Since empaths take on the emotions of people around them, just imagine when they’re in crowds or large buildings, like malls. It can become overwhelming, even if it’s generally mellow people, and not an angry bunch—it’s just a lot of different energies to take in. This is why alone time is necessary.


You Need Your Alone Time

Alone time is very necessary for empaths. If you are one, you may find yourself overwhelmed, tired, and drained at times, craving solitude. Being alone will allow you to replenish your depleted energy, clear your mind (meditation!), and recharge.


You Know You Are Supposed to Help Others

If you’re an empath, you may have experienced strangers, acquaintances, and friends often ask you for advice. They will tell you their life stories, even if they don’t know you. Maybe it’s because their spirit recognizes yours, and they know you are a healer, and a helper. You may also feel called to help others, which makes sense, since it’s why you’re an empath! Just make sure to know you can’t help everyone, help in a way that feels right to you, and always remember to protect your own energy!wp_*posts

The News, and Violent TV and Movies Drain You


Not being able to watch the news, or violent and/or unsettling TV and movies, is a sign you might be an empath. The negative vibes, even when they are pretend, can prove to be overwhelming. Many empaths avoid the news and dramatic shows as a result.


You Love Being Around Water and Nature

Nature is replenishing for an empath, so if you feel yourself continuously drawn to water, trees, animals, sunshine, and all things nature-y, you may be an empath too. Water is known to cleanse away negative emotions and energy, and being outside can prove to be very uplifting and centering; walking barefoot on the earth grounds you. Your moods may also change with the weather, in both positive and negative ways.

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