8 Instagram Accounts Dedicated To Empowering Afro-Latinas and Natural Hair

I remember growing up in a culture where naturally curly hair was perceived as inherently bad. In Latino communities especially, curly, kinky, or course hair is considered “pelo malo.” If it isn’t straight, it isn’t good. Atlanta-based duo Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are doing everything in their power to fight these Euro-centric beauty standards that have been placed on women of color and young girls for years. The couple have teamed up to create their business CreativeSoul Photography, that creates portraits of beautiful brown girls — including young Afro-Latinas — proudly embracing their natural textures.

The two shot AfroArt Series, which portrayed young brown curls showing off curls decorated and adorned in jewels, crowns, flowers — you name it. The photos were so captivating and empowering, they eventually went viral.

Our mission is to empower girls of color around the world,” the couple told Mitu Fierce. “So [with the recent AfroArt Series we just wanted to do something to showcase the beauty and versatility of afro hair,” they added. “We started this series about a year and a half ago to highlight how beautiful afro hair can be.”

Regis and Kahran Bethencourt are far from the only natural hair advocates out there who are going out of their way to banish the misconceptions that surround naturally curly or textured hair. There are quite a few Afro-Latina influencers who have made tremendous efforts to show love to the natural hair community — check them out below and be inspired!




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