A Guide To Your First Cannabis Tourist Experience

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It’s been six years since recreational cannabis first became legal in Colorado and Washington State. Today, several other states have legalized it, with plenty others hoping to follow suit. Coming from Florida (a state which only recently legalized it for medical purposes), I was pleasantly surprised at how very different life was like in Denver (the real Mile High City). Dispensaries can be found in just about every neighborhood, and the process of procuring goods is even easier than finding a pair of well-fitting pants at your local Target. From first-timers to lifelong tokers, cannabis tourism thrives here and in other 420-friendly cities. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to the land of legal weed, do yourself and others a favor and read this guide.

Figure Out Your Hotel’s 420 Policies Prior To Arriving

Before you even book your hotel, find out what their policies are regarding cannabis. Many hotels have strict no smoking policies, and that includes the green stuff. There are a few places that are totally cool with your consumption in any event (like the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, OR and the Adagio Bud & Breakfast here in Denver), but overall you’ll like need to keep things on the down-low. That means sticking to edibles (and light vaping for those who excel at masking odors).




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