Photo: Instagram/millyalmodovar

9 Afro-Latina Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

There is no shortage of Latinas in the blogging and beauty sphere, but Afro-Latinas are still sorely underrepresented especially within the scope of Latina beauty. Here is a list of nine awesome Afro-Latina beauty bloggers taking up room and representing the wider scope of Latinidad!

Irishcel Puello

This Panamanian stunner is an expert on the cat-eye and looks that work well for Latinas of all shades, including brown skin tones. (We’d follow her just to gaze at her luxurious lashes.)

Milly Almodovar

This Dominicana is a blogger and an editor who formerly used to head the beauty section of Cosmopolitan for Latinas! She’s always checking out the latest products coming out of the beauty world.

Alba Ramos

SunKissAlba is your go-to for natural beauty tips and tricks. She’s also got plenty to share about curly hair care!

Priscilla Flete


This Dominican was a BGLH Style Icon in 2013 she’s #outfitgoals all day long. She’s got plenty on fashion and hair on her channel that will inspire you to live your flyest life.

Francheska Medina

Hey Fran Hey is your all-natural, eco-friendly beauty advice guru! She’s got a DIY solution for literally everything!

Jai Correa

Mami’s Time Out is a lifestyle and beauty blog for the busy mom! She is a great if you are just getting into makeup or if you’re looking for a good bargain.

Sade Pizarro and Ada Washington

These ladies are self-described multi-cultural beauty enthusiasts! These Afro-Latinas are holding it down for Cuba and Puerto Rico by giving us curls, beauty, fashion, and culture!

Desirée Santana


This is the skincare, hair care curly goddess! Her channel has plenty of DIY tricks and tips that really work!

Grasie Mercedes


Grasie is a New York-born Dominicana living in LA. She’s a fashionista, actress, and lover of all things beauty.