11 Women Open Up About the Moment They Proudly Identified as Afro-Latinas

The intersection between Black and Latino identity runs deep and yet there is still this misconception that all Latinos look like Salma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez. The truth is, being Black and being Latino are far from mutually exclusive and a lot of Latinas are recognizing the importance of embracing and loving their Afro-diasporic roots. Here 11 Latinas open up about the moment they realized they were Afro-Latina and why they are proud AF of their heritage!

Rocio Mora, New Orleans, Louisiana

Rocio Mora proud Afro-Latinas

Nationality: Honduran and Mexican

Occupation: Digital Influencer and founder of RisasRizos

IG Handle @RisasRizos

On the moment she realized she was Afro-Latina. “I had known about my family’s roots but never labeled myself as anything other than JUST Latina. It wasn’t until I was featured in an article for Top Afro-Latinas to follow, that the term came into personal conversation. A family member asked how I felt being listed as an Afro-Latina, since no one in my immediate family identified with the term. It was something my family and I never talked about. It was at that point that I realized, well… I am actually Afro-Latina by way of my maternal grandmother, so I should be proud and honored to have been listed that way, and I think my grandmother would have been proud too.”

On misconceptions surrounding the term Afro-Latina. “I’ve heard some people say that the term Afro-Latinidad is another word used to divide Latinos and I feel that’s false. I think it helps to identify people like me who come from European and African descent. Why would I want to deny being Black if the curls on my head and the color of my skin were given to me by my Black grandmother, great grandmother and ancestors? By identifying as Afro-Latina, I am acknowledging and embracing my complex history and beautifully intertwined African descent.”




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