7 Books Proving The “Pelo Malo” Mindset Wrong

If you’re a Latina with naturally curly hair, chances are you’re familiar with the toxic term “pelo malo” which translates to “bad hair” in English. Not only are those words harmful and inaccurate, but they also speak volumes about Latin America’s race relations. For centuries Latinos have been conditioned to believe that “whiter” is better. Our obsession with Eurocentric beauty standards led many of us to believe that the paler our skin and the straighter our hair—the better. Straight hair for centuries was a cultural beauty standard. Fortunately, we’re now living in a day and age where millennials Latinxs are all about embracing our African and indigenous ancestry and part of that means loving and rocking our natural curls. Here are 7 powerful books that will inspire every curly haired girl to love her natural hair!

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