15 Things to Know About Afro-Latina Queen of Latin Soul La Lupe

Photo: Last.fm

Celia Cruz wasn’t the only Afro-Cubana to become a star in Cuba, and then bring her talent to the United States, and beyond. La Lupe, who is known as The Queen of Latin Soul, is also a superstar who we should all know about. She is remembered for her emotive, energy-laden performances, and her great, powerful voice.

Born in Santiago de Cuba in 1939, Guadalupe Victoria Yoli Raymond was supposed to be a teacher (and studied for that profession). But she had other plans. After escaping from school to compete in a singing competition, which she won, her family moved to Havana, where her epic and iconic career began.

La Lupe’s career would see her release over 20 albums (over 10 in five years!), perform in different parts of the world, shock and amaze television viewers with her performances, and earn her spot as Latinx music royalty. In an effort to give her the shine she truly deserves, we are going to fill you in on 15 interesting facts about La Lupe. After you read this, you should go and listen to some of her legendary music!




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