Latin American Style Rewind of the 1960s

It’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane, especially when it comes to vintage style

Photo: Unsplash/@markusspiske

Photo: Unsplash/@markusspiske

It’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane, especially when it comes to vintage style. Check out our Latina Style Rewind of the 1960s, featuring several old-school fashionistas from around Latin America.


Raquel Welch personified ‘60s style, especially with her hair up to there. Born Jo Raquel Tejada, in Chicago, the Golden Globe-winning actress and singer is half Bolivian and half English.


Mexico hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics and these were the supercool host uniforms. The logotype for the outfits were designed by Lance Wyman, while the dresses were designed by Julia Murdoch.


Cubana La Lupe was more than a singer – she was a force of nature. This boho glam look is from the cover of her 1968 album, La Lupe’s Era / La Era De La Lupe.


This 1960s street style shot of Buenos Aires shows a pair of prim and proper ladies walking along the local storefronts.


Peruvian Madeleine Hartog-Bel won the Miss World pageant in 1967. Unlike other Miss Perus from that time, who became housewives or office workers (one exception being Ada Gabriela Bueno who became an architect), Madeleine traveled to Germany and Paris to model. Her look is ‘60s mod perfection.

wp_*postsDominican Republic

Maria Cristina “Tina” Aumont was the Hollywood-born daughter of Dominican actress Maria Montez and French-Jewish actor Jean-Pierre Aumont. She was in several films herself, and became a party girl of the ‘60s scene. This 1968 shows Aumont in all her psychedelic glory.


During the 1960s, French chemical manufacturer Rhodia promoted its synthetic fabrics in Brazil through collaborations with designers and artists. This resulted in beautiful, far out clothing. The above ad is for a Summer 1963/64 collection.


Carolina Herrera is a household name as a top fashion designer, but in March 1968, she was being photographed at the home of Reinaldo and Mimi Herrera, the parents of her boyfriend, Reinaldo. Even then, María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño’s incredible sense of style was apparent.

wp_*postsPuerto Rico

These stylish ladies are at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. The year is 1963, and they have their hair coiffed, their wiggle dresses on, and sassy attitudes set.


Fabricato is a textile company in Colombia. Its 1965 ad is very ‘60s in style, with a cheery floral top, color-coordinated pants, and a headband-completed ‘do.

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