13 Ways Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Totally OWNED 2018

It’s not easy to be a trailblazer


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It’s not easy to be a trailblazer. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, however, made it all look easy in 2018. When she saw that politics weren’t serving the population who needed help the most, and instead of backing down because of her gender, ethnicity, political experience, or age, she charged fearlessly forward. In the process, she made history, and inspired the world to be fearless, be loud, and most importantly, to be the change. Here is indisputable proof that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made 2018 her year.wp_*posts

She Used Her Struggle as Her Preparation

Some people buckle under pressure–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew from it. She reminded us all that struggle can often be preparation for something bigger in life. Working two jobs and 18-hour shifts, and facing foreclosure allowed Ocasio-Cortez to represent others going through the same.


Alexandria Broke Records Before She Even Won

Before being elected to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was breaking records. This year marked the first primary for New York’s 14th Congressional District in 14 years. Alexandria was also the only Democrat to run with no lobbyist, the first Democrat to make it onto New York’s 14th Congressional District ballot with 100% volunteer effort (no one was hired), and the first POC to run for the post in a generation.


She Repped the Working Class in Politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz is helping the working class because she is the working class. Democracy works when politicians represent the people, not just a small section of the public.


And Became the Youngest Women Elected to Congress

It is also important to have someone younger in elected positions, to represent the interests of younger generations. Ocasio-Cortez made history when, at 29, she became the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress.


She Was Part of a Historic Wave of WOC Politicians

Alexandria was just one part of a large wave of change that hit America during the midterm elections. The first Muslim woman in Congress, the first American Indian (Native American) women in Congress, the first lesbian mother in Congress, and the first black female Attorney General of New York, are among those who were elected.


Alexandria is Calling Out Double Standards in Politics

Politics is full of hypocrisy, shady dealings, and double standards. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t hesitate to call out how Paul Ryan wasn’t seen as a genius when he was elected to the House at 28, while she was treated as a fraud.


She’s Already Being Honored on T-Shirts

T-shirts are usually reserved for important people who have struck a chord with the public. Fiercely Feminist made a dope tee shouting out Ocasio-Cortez, and calling her “ride or die.”


She’s Wasting No Time Demanding Big Change

Alexandria didn’t get into politics to tiptoe around issues. In fact, instead of getting offended that Fox News called her and her newly elected colleagues, “radicals,” she laughed at the idea that taking care of children and saving the planet was such a big deal.


Ocasio-Cortez Protested for a New Green Deal

Ocasio-Cortez joined the protest inside Nancy Pelosi’s office to demand climate change. She isn’t afraid to join the masses to show her support, and make a difference.


She Stood Up for Children

Alexandria will kindly take the label of radical when it comes to doing what’s right. She made it known that she believes all children should be protected, treated equally, and given the chance to live full and healthy lives.


And Encouraged Us to Embrace Our Greatness

She’s now in a position of power, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants us to embrace our power as well. This, according to her, is through accepting yourself as you are, serving, speaking up and taking up space, and accepting that people will always criticize. Instead of taking away our power, she helped to empower us.


She Verbally Destroyed ICE

Ocasio-Cortez said what we all wanted to say when she verbally destroyed ICE in 2018. She dropped facts, spoke about her own experience regarding ICE, and stated what needed to be done.


She’s Kicking Down the Door, and is Just Getting Started

On the day of her Congress Freshman Orientation, instead of quieting learning the ropes, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez kicked the door down. She protested for climate change in Nancy Pelosi’s office, shared behind the scenes video of her day with the public, and attacked Amazon for its HQ2.

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