We Made History! Here’s 9 Women That Beat the Odds In the Midterm Elections

Some of you may be bummed that we didn’t gain the senators or the governors that we were counting on to change this country. But real change did occur. Women came out on top as the true winners of the midterm elections. While some elections are still being determined, it’s clear to say that the record number of women running for office did in fact make huge strides.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 116 women got elected, which means 1 in five people in congress are women. Furthermore, out of 107 women serving in Congress, 38 are women of color. That is incredible!

Women led the charge last night in flipping the House for the Democratic Party and in picking up key seats in state legislatures nationwide,” Andrea Dew Steele, President and Founder of Emerge America, said in a press release. “This isn’t a moment, it is a movement for justice, equality and what is right for this country.”

Emerge America reported that more than 570 women were on the ballot in this election, and more than half running for Congress, statewide office or state legislatures.

Human Rights Watch states that while the election may be over, “there is still a lot of work moving forward to ensure the protection of human rights for all.”

“What we just saw was a record number of voters who made their voices heard at a pivotal moment in this country’s history,” Nicole Austin-Hillery, Executive Director at Human Rights Watch, said in a press release. “In the next Congress, it is imperative that the House and Senate exercise their oversight authority over this administration’s practices of abandoning refugees, detaining immigrant children, suppressing voter turnout, and rolling back women’s health and LGBT protections.”

We’re definitely hoping these women hold the president accountable.

Here’s some highlights of women who made history last night.




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