Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made History And Is Now the Youngest Woman Voted Into Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned 29 last month, and now she is the youngest women to ever be elected into Congress


Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Franmarie Metzler; U.S. House Office of Photography

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned 29 last month, and now she is the youngest women to ever be elected into Congress. What a way to celebrate a birthday! While their were many upsets for democratic voters in yesterday’s midterm elections, their were many positive gains including Ocasio-Cortez’s historic win.

“This is what is possible when everyday people come together in the collective realization that all our actions…are powerful, worthwhile and capable of lasting change,” Ocasio-Cortez said in her victory speech Tuesday night, according to Univision. “Words cannot express my gratitude to every organizer, every small-dollar donor, every working parent and Dreamer who helped make this movement happen,” she added. “And that’s exactly what this is, not a campaign or an Election Day but a movement … for social, economic and racial justice.”

Ocasio-Cortez was encouraging voters to hit the polls until the very last minute. On her Instagram, she wrote: “This journey has been one of the most challenging and rewarding collective efforts I’ve ever been a part of. We haven’t just run a campaign — we created a movement in our own backyard. We built community. We centered issues that no one wanted to talk about. We uplifted our neighbors and discovered a level courage + friendship we never thought possible. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey and followed us along to this moment. No matter what happens, this is just a beginning. Let’s continue walking shoulder-to-shoulder in the advancement of economic, social, + racial justice in the United States of America.”

There’s no doubt that Ocasio-Cortez inspired her community, and even more outside of New York. Her energy and message remains palpable.

“Sometimes I feel like my life is moving a little slow because I am a college graduate yet I am working as a server at a restaurant… BUT Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was working as a bartender and a server after college and now she’s the youngest woman elected to Congress,” one person tweeted.

“Your votes helped elect historical candidates like Sharice Davids, Jared Polis, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, win the house (a check on Trump), and pass some progressive and long over due laws in states like FL and LA. Now that you’ve voted, how else can you help enact change?” another said.

We cannot wait to see her at work in D.C. Congrats, Alexandria!

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