27 Times Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Tweeted the Truth

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t run for office to be meek and silent

Photo: Unsplash/@stereophototyp

Photo: Unsplash/@stereophototyp

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t run for office to be meek and silent. She is part of the wave of Democratic politicians who decided to be the change they wanted to see in America. And change involves speaking the truth so that it shines over injustice, intolerance, and lies. AOC has been more than vocal on calling out the hypocritical practices of the GOP and Trump, highlighting the issues that matter, sharing the facts, and calling us all to make a difference with our voices and our vote. Ocasio-Cortez officially represents New York’s 14th congressional district, but in dealing with issues that affect WOC, POC, and the non-mega-rich, she represents us all.

We wanted to take a moment to share some of the tweets that prove that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez meant business when she became a member of the House of Representatives. The ones that educate you, make you think, speak mad truth, and drop major knowledge. Feel free to retweet these and share the information and facts!

The Radical Extreme-Left Agenda

When one political party, especially those of an extreme side (like the far-right), want to dismiss another party, they will try to undermine and dismantle their “agenda.” AOC pointed this out brilliantly when she listed these amazing things being fought for that were attributed to the “radical extreme-left agenda.”

People Rediscovering Their Power

One of the things that people love about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that she is one of the everyday people and wants to represent everyday people. She drove this point home in this tweet, where she reminded us that it isn’t about those with governmental power, it’s about the power of the people. She pointed out how protesters are rallying against the Thirty-Meter Telescope, to be built on Hawaii’s sacred Mauna Kea, demanding justice in New York on the 5th anniversary of Eric Garner’s death, and in Puerto Rico demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Silver Lining of Trump’s Tweets

As infuriating and annoying as Donald Trump’s tweets are, AOC reminds us, in a tweet of her own, that there is a silver lining to all his BS. When he posts his racist words, they can be saved and used against him in a court of law, proving the real motivation behind his “immigration policies.”

Rationing Healthcare

In another stellar tweet, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spits truth on universal healthcare. Many are scared that if we have it, there will not be enough to go around and that we will thus have to “ration” it. We are rationing it already! Healthcare is overpriced, and upfront fees already keep many from seeing their doctor.

Our Unfair Justice System

In a tweet, AOC further talked on the injustice that the police officers involved in the death of Eric Garner were never charged with any crime. She mentioned that while some families see justice being served, others (usually POC) are denied that American right. We all have to work together to change this.

Stand Up When It Isn’t Easy

It’s easy to praise those who are brave enough to stand up for what’s right in the face of opposition. But it’s harder to be that person, today, in real-time. AOC reminds us that we have a choice in what side of history we will be on when people look back at the atrocities that are happening right now. We have to band together and peacefully fight for justice.

Trump is Racist

Who’s there to speak the truth, when Donald Trump is blatantly lying and trying to cover up his crimes? Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that’s who! She directly called out Trump on Twitter for being a true racist, against immigrants and for telling her and other Congresswomen of color to go back to their country despite all being American.

Immigrants are Makers, Not Takers

AOC took a moment to help destroy a myth many racist people have against immigrants, especially Latinx ones. The notion that we take jobs and thus should be feared and kept out of the country. We contribute a lot to the United States, it’s culture and it’s success. We create opportunities, not steal them away. She put it brilliantly when she also added, “they aren’t a weight to carry; in fact, they are our nation’s shoulders.”

In 2019, People Are Being Held in Concentration Camps

In times like these, you have to speak the truth, whether or not others can handle it. It’s the only way to relay what’s going on, the severity of it, and incite real change. AOC wasn’t (and isn’t) going to apologize for calling ICE detention centers what they really are — concentration camps. Facts!

Pay the Women’s Soccer Team Double

The United States women’s national soccer team, the most successful of any international women’s soccer team, has just won its fourth FIFA World Cup title. This has inspired many to demand that they get equal pay to their male counterparts. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes a step beyond that, stating on Twitter that they deserve to get paid double!

Pay Living Wages to Workers

Many argue that government assistance (like food stamps) are given to lazy, unemployed people who lack direction. While there are those who take advantage of the system, there are several others who work full time and are still unable to make ends meet, mainly because they aren’t getting paid enough. AOC brings light to the topic by dropping the fact that 1 in 10 Amazon employees in Ohio are on food stamps.

You Have to Be Hope

Hope is essential to life. We need it, but we don’t have to wait around for it — we can create it, for ourselves and others. In an inspiring tweet, with cool accompanying artwork by @SOGAYJEN, AOC reminds us that sometimes we have to be the hope in the world.

The Goal is To Critique Women Into Submission

Have you noticed that women can’t seem to win when it comes to success and challenging the status quo? They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They are criticized for being at one extreme or the other or being too in the middle. AOC breaks down that the criticism is meant to belittle women, shut them up, and extinguish their fire.

You Can’t Accept That We Will Call Your Bluff

Men who are racist, misogynist, and narcissistic, such as Trump can’t accept that America elected WOC Democratic leaders. Capable women in power, those who won’t cower to him, do his bidding or accept what he’s offering the country. Those who fight back and have an army of equally capable and fearless women behind them. Ocasio-Cortez took a moment on Twitter to proudly state that these women in office “will call your bluff and offer a positive vision for this country.”

Religious Hypocrisy, Anyone?

Those in power will twist what’s in the Bible (and even what’s not in it) to push their conservative agendas. AOC tweeted that if you are adhering to religious principles, you should also stand for being against usury — illegally lending money at incredibly high-interest rates — which is denounced in the Bible. Touché!

If Male Politicians Could Get Pregnant…

The legendary Barbra Streisand and legend in the making Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez teamed up for this one-two punch aimed towards male GOP politicians. Babs mentioned that if male politicians could get pregnant, abortion would be available throughout the U.S. To which AOC replied that if this were the case, there would be just as many Planned Parenthood clinics as post offices. But since that’s not the case, and it’s a woman’s issue, we don’t matter, right?!

Everyday People Need to Use Our Power

PrEP, a.k.a. pre-exposure prophylaxis (known as Truvada) costs a staggering $2000 a month. A generic version is set to be available earlier than expected, in September of 2020. It was all thanks to the fight from everyday people, according to AOC. This tweet reminds us that standing up for what’s right really can create change. Your voice matters — use it!

Controlling a Woman’s Body = Upholding Patriarchy

In politics, things are veiled beneath other things. Issues really end up being about something else altogether. And thankfully, people like AOC cut through the BS to have the courage to speak the truth. When women are stripped of their rights to birth control, sex education, and access to abortions, they (and their bodies) are being controlled by the patriarchy, and their lives are also being dictated by the religious beliefs of religious fundamentalists.

No Middle Ground for Our Climate Crisis

There are certain topics that we as people can’t take the middle ground on. Like climate change. It’s pretty black and white — we all have to agree to take action right now to protect our environment before things get worse. AOC pointed out the fact that this is everyone’s issue, not just one side of the political spectrum or the another’s.

A Good Nation = These Basic Standards of Dignity

This compound tweet makes two good points. One is that if someone is a multi-billionaire, then they should be taxed! The other point is that we talk about being the greatest nation in the world, but we lack these basic standards of dignity AOC points out. As a country, we have a lot of work to do.

Credit Card Interest Rates Are Predatory

Credit cards provide us with emergency funds, but more often than not at a high cost. Interest rates can be as high as 36% (and have been even higher than that in the past — one was 79.9%!), which is outrageous. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with Bernie Sanders, is working on capping credit card interest rates at 15% and talked about it in a May tweet.

The President Doesn’t Exist Above Congress

When Trump used his executive privilege over the Mueller report, AOC had time in her busy day to check him. She reminded him, and everyone else who didn’t get the memo that the President is not above Congress, they are equals and govern side by side.

How Our Prison System Works

Our prison system is majorly flawed and failing POC every day. It is a modern-day way to keep Black people and POC from succeeding, as AOC pointed out in this tweet. The tweet also talks about how how those who commit certain crimes are routinely stripped of their right to vote.

Trump’s Response to Hurricane Maria

While checking Kellyanne Conway for trying to create drama, AOC also used more words to describe what a loser Trump has been in his response (really a lack of one) to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We couldn’t agree more with her assessment.

People Are Dying Because of Big Pharma Greed

We previously mentioned the PrEP drug; it helps high-risk people in the prevention of HIV. But we had to shout out this tweet from AOC that puts it out there that this drug costs an alarming $2000 a month in the U.S. Not being able to afford this drug is putting people at a greater risk of getting the virus — people are dying because of pharma greed. This is another example of how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is using her platform to educate the masses, call out injustice, and fight to correct it.

What the U.S. Does to Puerto Rico

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pointed out the ways that the government plays to its advantage the fact that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and not a full-fledged state in this tweet directed towards Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

All Americans Deserve Federal Representation in Government

AOC is for Washington D.C. becoming a state and mentioned so in this tweet from January of this year. But she also made a point that inspires us (and hopefully others) to continue to elect more and more people of different backgrounds, locations, socioeconomic statuses, etc. into government office. All American citizens should have federal representation in our government!

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