Amara La Negra Is Publishing Her First Children’s Book

Children’s book can change a person’s life

Photo: Unsplash/@anniespratt

Photo: Unsplash/@anniespratt

Children’s book can change a person’s life. Just think about the books you read as a kid…it’s hard to ever forget them, right? They’re with you in a way that nothing else is. These books shape you, and put you on path. But when the protagonist doesn’t look like you, it makes things a little less real, less sweet, and less personal. Things are starting to change, however, at last! There’s more and more diversity in literature, especially children’s book and it’s such a beautiful thing to witness.

Amara La Negra — a woman who has been changing society’s perception of what it means to be an Afro-Latina — is taking that lovely individuality and applying it to another forum and it will surely make a radical change. Amara, who’s real name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos, announced on her Instagram that she is releasing her first ever children’s book.

“MY FIRST CHILDREN BOOK!!!!” The singer and reality star said on IG. “Well Guys Im So Excited to inform y’all That @mcbride_stories and I have formed a partnership On My first children’s book, titled “Amarita’s Way,” that contains three stories that are intended to motivate positivity, inspiration, and ambition in life. #mcbridestories #AmaraLaNegra #afrolatina.”

The book looks like it might be bilingual as well because Amara posted the news in Spanish too.

So many little Latinas are going to see this book and see themselves in it, which is very profound and rare. We wish it wasn’t so, but like we said, it seems like there’s more change coming to books.

A U.K. study released last week revealed that of the 9,115 children’s book that were published in 2017, only 1 percent of them featured a “black or minority ethnic as the main character despite the fact nearly a third of all primary school-age children are non-white.” We’re certain that disgraceful statistic is very similar to stats here in the states.

We wish publishers understood that there’s a huge market for diversity in books. Just look at the popularity of the Selena children’s book that was released earlier this year. It’s become one the biggest seller’s on Amazon. We’re sure Amara’s children’s book will be a big seller too.

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