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Amara La Negra is Pregnant With Twins & Going to Be a Single Mom

Love & Hip Hop Miami star and “Insecure” singer Amara La Negra, 31,  just announced that she’s expecting twins! The news comes just a few weeks after the Dominicana revealed on Instagram that she suffered a devastating miscarriage earlier in 2021. Now, Amara is on the cover of PEOPLE where she announced that she found out in August that she’s pregnant, and shortly after, discovered that she’s having twins. The pregnancy is even more significant considering she’d had a miscarriage in July.

“I was nervous. The first thing I thought about was in my work and my projects, having to tell my mom: ‘My life is going to change!,'” Amara told PEOPLE. “I’m not going to lie, it took me like two days to process everything that had just happened. I started to cheer myself up because at the beginning [I felt] a lot of fear,” she said.

“There is nothing better than seeing the word PREGNANT! Even though I’m scared and nervous, especially after having a miscarriage, I am also excited and have a roller coaster of emotions but it truly is a Blessing,” Amara wrote on Instagram, sharing a series of sonogram photos, and a positive pregnancy test.

She was especially surprised to learn that just a month after her miscarriage, she had conceived again, and that there are now two babies on the way. “When the [nurse] does the sonogram, she says: ‘Wow, there are two gestational sacs.’ I was happy, surprised, but I couldn’t process what she was telling me,” Amara explained.

Despite miscarriages being common, they’re rarely talked about and so Amara’s openness is also another opportunity to highlight this important topic. Recently, The Lancet analysis of data on 4.6 million pregnancies spanning seven countries found that the risk of miscarriages for Black women is 43 percent higher than for white women. It also found that 15 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriages. Babies conceived after a miscarriage are known as “rainbow babies” which Amara references with the hashtag #rainbowbaby.

Amara is currently single and realized right away that she’s okay with being a single mom. During the third season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Amara  broke up with her boyfriend Emjay, and over the summer, she started seeing realtor and businessman Allan Mueses. However, they’ve had a an on-again/off-again relationship from the very beginning, and she has not revealed whether he is the father of her twins or not.

“In my case, I woke up pregnant like the Virgin Mary. I woke up pregnant and that’s all I remember,” she told PEOPLE. “I will be a single mother. I know my babies will depend on me,” she said. “Father is not the one who makes the child but the one who raises it. In time, if God grants me the blessing of finding the right man, one who supports me, who accepts me with my children, then Amen, he will be well received. But I feel blessed, and I am so happy that I sometimes forget that [I’ll be a single mom]. I am more focused on my babies.”

Amara’s mom, Ana María Oleaga, who often appears on Love & Hip Hop Miami, and is a single mother herself, encouraged her to raise them alone versus having a “problematic father” around. “Instead of the kids being raised around problems, nervousness, trauma, it’s better to raise them in peace,” she said.