Anuel AA Gives Awkward Response About Collaborating With Ivy Queen

Did Anuel AA just have a change of heart regarding reggeaton icon Ivy Queen? Perhaps so

Photo: Instagram/anuel

Photo: Instagram/anuel

Did Anuel AA just have a change of heart regarding reggeaton icon Ivy Queen? Perhaps so. The 2019 Latin Billboard Awards that took place last week in Las Vegas had a couple of great moments including Bad Bunny’s incredible neon green manicure (that matched his hair). We also witnessed an awkward exchange on the red carpet that had Anuel AA kind of backtracking from his comments that he made about Ivy Queen earlier this month.

Let’s refresh your memory. For whatever reason, Anuel AA said on social media that Ivy Queen did not deserve the title of La Reina de Reggeaton because she hadn’t had a hit in several years. He also said that his girlfriend and reggaeton artist Karol G deserved that title because of her musical career. Well, everyone on social media responded to his disparaging comments about Ivy Queen telling him to take a seat including La Reina herself. Calle 13’s Residente also told him he needs to show respect to artists that came before him, so is that why Anuel AA is coming around? We’re having mixed feelings about it.

During the red carpet, Anuel AA and Karol G talked to a couple of VJs, and Anuel AA introduced his girl as La Reina Karol G. Hmmm, okay. We suppose there’s nothing wrong with referring to your girl as a queen. Then they talked about touring together as a couple and how it was so good to be on the road and not have to be alone after their shows. Blah blah blah. Then the VJ asked them both, so would you ever collaborate with Ivy Queen? Karol G made a face to her man like ‘you take this question because this is all about you.’

Anuel AA, hesitated and awkwardly responded by saying “she is a legend, so of course I would,” then shrugged his shoulders. So passive aggressive! Then the VJ asked Karol G, and she responded a bit more enthusiastic by saying “I’ve always said it: I recorded in one of her songs that hasn’t been released. I hope they release it one day,” she said.

This exchange did not look like Anuel AA had been reformed. The dude is still being disrespectful to Ivy Queen and just playing nice for the media. We’re not buying it at all. But if he is, maybe he and Ivy Queen can call it a truce with a collab?

Watch the video for yourself and let us know if you think Anuel AA is being authentic.

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