“Anything For Selenas”: Salinas Community Celebrates Selena’s Birthday

“Anything for Selenas,” has to be one of the most memorable quotes in Selena — the biopic film about the late Tejana singer

Selena Quintanilla

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“Anything for Selenas,” has to be one of the most memorable quotes in Selena — the biopic film about the late Tejana singer. That quote has inspired t-shirts, memes, gifs, and now has inspired a town to honor the singer on her birthday. The town of Salinas — located north of Monterrey and south of Santa Cruz in California — celebrated the birthday of Selena Quintanilla Perez on Sunday (her birthday is today) at Natividad Creek Park.

On what would have been her 47th birthday, the community in Salinas gathered with a day of delicious food, live music, and lots of cool vendors. People also paid tribute to the singer by also dressing up as her. Here’s some highlights from this amazing event.

I fell for her because she was so charismatic,” Jessica Evangalista said to KSBW8 News. “She just embodied everything that I wanted to become.”

People at the event spoke about the importance of Selena, and her representation of the Mexican-American community which continues to lack in the arts and entertainment industry.

“I think as a Chicana it’s hard because like in Mexico, Mexicans will say you’re not Mexican enough and here in America, they’ll say you’re not American enough,” an attendee told KSBW8 News. So there’s that in between, ni de aqui, ni de alla. But Selena showed us you can be part of both worlds. We can be Mexican-American and Chicana. That’s why we identify with her so much.”

And just check out these little girls singing “Como la flor”

Here’s some more impersonators.

As for the famous line, “anything for Selenas,” last year Abraham Quintanilla told “Entertainment Tonight” that that moment really went down. He explains: “This is what happened. The driver kept insisting that he could pull the bus out and so, finally, I told him, ‘You know what? If you want to try it, go for it.’ I think it was about the fourth jerk that ripped the bumper off and everything like the movie. They picked it up, put it in the backseat of his car, he said he was going to hang it up in his garage with a sign that says ‘Selenas.’ That’s exactly like the movie.”

Happy birthday, Selena!

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