4 Artists We Can NOT Wait To See at BottleRock Napa Valley

BOTTLEROCK 2018 has finally arrived—literally and figuratively

Photo: Unsplash/@yvettedewit

Photo: Unsplash/@yvettedewit

BOTTLEROCK 2018 has finally arrived—literally and figuratively.  The music festival has now become the hot spot destination to be at this Memorial Day weekend. After five years, BottleRock is flexing chops by attracting the top talent in the music business. In 2017 headliners to the likes of Maroon 5 kicked off Friday night, Tom Petty & Heartbreaks played like it was their last show—RIP Tom Petty—and Sunday was the Foo Fighters who rocked until the city pulled the plug at 10pm. But that didn’t stop the band—they kept playing, and playing, and playing.

I know I skimmed over many of the other artists that delivered amazing and rock-worthy performances, but you can find the wrap up video here.

The 2018 LINEUP has us planning every minute of how we will spend the next three days of complete festival bliss. The organizers have thought about every single detail. You can start the day with delicious bites from many of the culinary options, fill up your glass at the wine pavilion and recharge at the Spa.

As, I have been planning my time for the festival, I was listening to the videos and decided to share who and what I will be drinking and or eating, as I watch or hang out with the artists.

Bomba Estéreo

The Colombian band is known for their vibrant “electro tropical” and “psychedelic cumbia” sounds. They hail from  Bogotá, Colombia and know how to put on a show like it’s nobody’s business. We’re hoping they perform their catchy hit song “To My Love” Tainy remix—two years after debuting and it’s more popular than ever!

[brid autoplay=”true” video=”230011″ player=”8620″ title=”Bomba Estero BOTTLEROCK 2018″]


Snoop Dogg

I’m beyond excited about hitting up the Williams-Sonoma Culinary Stage and tasting all the food they plan on having there. I’m also looking forward to seeing Snoop Dogg who has actually been a regular at BottleRock. We hope he brings the house down with his 1993 jam “Gin And Juice.”

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Natalie LaFourcade

If you still haven’t heard of Mexican pop-rock singer and songwriter Natalia LaFourcade—get on it! The Grammy-winning artist’s sound is a beautiful blend of jazz, rock, bossa nova, and folk—with a ton of Mexican musical elements. There’s really no one out there quite like her. If you’re a fan of Paloma cocktails, try making this delicious recipe at home. Thank me later!

[brid autoplay=”true” video=”230212″ player=”8620″ title=”Natalia LaFourcade”]


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is going to be there—enough said, right? Seriously, if there’s one R&B artist that can get us jamming—it’s him. It’s too bad Cardi B won’t be there because we would have killed to see him performing the “Finesse” remix alongside her.

[brid autoplay=”true” video=”230012″ player=”8620″ title=”BrunoMarsBubbles BOTTLEROCK”]

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