The Avocado Proposal Is Now a Thing Proving Millennials Have No Chill

I sincerely never thought I’d be saying this, in 2018, but we have OFFICIALLY reached peak Avocado

Photo: Unsplash/@glencarrie

Photo: Unsplash/@glencarrie

I sincerely never thought I’d be saying this, in 2018, but we have OFFICIALLY reached peak Avocado. I thought this had actually happened sometime last year, when avocado toast just kept getting more and more ridiculous, but no, people are now using avocados to propose marriage to their partners and I don’t think we were at all ready for this.

According to The Today Show, on February 10th, Colette Dike, an Amsterdam-based food stylist, photographer, and cookbook author, posted a photo on her Instagram account of an “avo box” (yes, an avocado being used as a ring box to house what looks like a diamond engagement ring) and asked her followers to “Tag someone who should propose like this.” So far, the photo has received over 2,000 comments and 10,000 likes. It seems that our affection toward avocados knows no bounds.

Some of the people commenting on the viral photo shared jokes, suggestions, and even their own stories of #avobox engagements.

@misterjazmin omg Jaz! Nothing would make me happier than someone putting a ring in an avocado and proposing to me! Hahaha you better have my back and tell a dude for me! – @shylilannie

It already happened to me!! ??? my fiancé proposed with a ring in an #avobox. Sadly I didn’t take a photo of the avocado ? ? – @johannabananarama

Although this doesn’t seem to be a huge trend (yet), some are already saying that this is, um, a bit too much. “The avocado proposal has only cropped on Instagram a few times and is far from becoming a widespread trend,” Gabriella Paiella writes on The Cut. “Which means we still have time to stop this. Do you really want to suggest a lifelong commitment to someone via a piece of jewelry stuck into rapidly rotting fruit until it gets goopy?”

However, not everyone is totally critical of the new way of proposing. “If a person really has inside them the desire to propose with an avocado, then there is no stopping that person, that is already incredibly who they are, and to walk up to them mid-proposal and punt the avocados from their hands, or whatever the plan is, would be censorious,” Hannah Gold writes on Jezebel. Others are taking to Twitter to express their, um, thoughts.

To be honest, I find it really difficult to not have a love-hate relationship with the avocado proposal. On the one hand, I find the complete obsession with avocados a little unsettling. Yes, avocados are absolutely delicious but do we really need to be stuffing them with diamond rings? Then again, proposals at a romantic dinner have been been a thing for decades and people propose with rings on everything from shrimp appetizers to inside of a chocolate cake – so, hey, if that’s how you want to express your love, I say go for it. But at the very least, you better make sure you’ve found a perfectly ripe avocado that isn’t browning – which may prove even more difficult than finding your life partner.

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