Bad Bunny Goes to Harvard!

Class is officially in session

Photo: Unsplash/pbernardon

Photo: Unsplash/pbernardon

Class is officially in session. Meet your teacher, Bad Bunny. While that may be a dream for some, it was actually a reality for students at Harvard University on Friday who were treated to a special talk with the reggeaton rapper. The Puerto Rican star posted images of his time at Harvard with the caption, “Professor Benito M. 📚 Comment below for those who want to enroll in my class.”

The talk was presented by No Label, for their “Uncut” talk series and Bad Bunny’s conversation with the Ivy Leaguers covered it all. The rapper, who just released “La Cancion,” a new single with J Balvin, spoke to the students about his music and how it extends to his activism work. Bad Bunny also discussed how music, protesting social injustice, and performance all blend together. According to the No Label, Bad Bunny also explored his “genre-and gender-bending art” and talked about his “vision to create inclusive artistic and social spaces.”

Friday’s class was moderated by Professor Petra Rivera-Rideau, author of Remixing Reggaeton: The Cultural Politics of Race in Puerto Rico, which explores the political history of reggaeton in Puerto Rico.

Paola tweeted about her close encounter with the rapper on the Harvard campus. She tweeted, “Bad Bunny was walking out from the Harvard talk, he was literally like less than 2 ft away from me, and I yelled ‘te amo te amo te amo,’ and he literally made eye contact laughed and had to leave.”

Another person on Twitter wasn’t too pleased that her favorite rapper went to speak to Ivy League students instead of less fortunate ones. “Why did Bad Bunny go to Harvard and talk with all the rich privileged come to UCR mannn.” But she should know, this not his first time speaking to students.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Bad Bunny also paid a visit to students at Hialeah Senior High School in Florida. He was there to encourage teens to not only attend college but also to seek out scholarships.

“(Bad Bunny’s visit) motivated me to look at more scholarships, because I haven’t been doing that,” one student said, according to Local10 News. “This helped.”

We love how Bad Bunny can go from performing to millions one day and talking to college students the next. He is really setting an example of what it means to be an empowering artist.

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