BareMinerals’ New App Creates a Custom-Blended Foundation Just for You

Finding the perfect foundation shade can be the ultimate struggle sometimes, especially for women of color

Bare Minerals foundation

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Finding the perfect foundation shade can be the ultimate struggle sometimes, especially for women of color. It’s either too light, too warm, or too cool, and then of course there are the brands which think four shades will magically fit everyone’s skin tone. Most of the time people find themselves having to mix two different shades just to get the right tone. But, BareMinerals’ latest beauty innovation is about to change the game up for all of us.

The brand recently launched its Made-2-Fit app, a tool which helps you find your perfect foundation shade. Now, you may have heard of color-matching technology being used in some of your favorite makeup stores, but this BareMinerals version takes thing to a whole new level. The new app allows you to be color-matched in the comfort of your own home, and then creates a custom foundation blend, which you can have sent straight to your door. Talk about a lazy beauty girl’s dream come true.

Best of all, the app is quite simple to use. To begin you simply tap your camera phone over a stack of five white sheets of paper, and then you repeat this process over several points on your face including your forehead, cheeks, and around your mouth. Once the images have been captured, the app uses MatchCo technology to scan and analyze your skin tone — ultimately creating your very own custom foundation blend.

The Made-2-Fit Freshed Face Foundation is an oil-free and lightweight formula, which is said to work on all skin types. As a bonus it is filled with nourishing ingredients like antioxidant-filled green tea, vitamin E, and chamomile and lily extract, which contain anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. As a longtime fan of BareMinerals (and lazy beauty girl), I’m personally super excited to try this.

You can download the app for free now in the Apple app store for iPhone and iOS. And the custom foundation will cost you $49. For those who are #TeamAndroid, you can head to any BareMinerals boutique to obtain your own custom Made-2-Fit Freshed Face Foundation.

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