This $7 Foundation Already Has a 25,000 Person Waitlist

Finding the perfect shade of foundation can make any of us go crazy

The Ordinary Colours foundation

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Finding the perfect shade of foundation can make any of us go crazy. Depending on the color, finish, and coverage you want, you can end up spending hours at Sephora or CVS. So when buzz builds around a new foundation,

There are literally hundreds (probably more) of different foundation brands on the market, making it hard for new products to stand out. So when buzz builds around something new, us makeup lovers can’t help but take notice. Like when we learned that there’s a waitlist of over 25,000 people for a new foundation, we had to learn everything about it.

The product is Colours by The Ordinary, a brand developed by Canadian-based company Deciem. Two types of foundations will be offered with this release, a lightweight serum and highly-pigmented coverage foundations. Something we love? From the looks of it, the products will also cater to women of different skin tones. 21 colors will be available for purchase.

But the absolute best part about Colours (as far as we can tell), the sticker price. Both foundations will be available for under $7.00, once the product is made available, mid-April.

While some of our brains may immediately start to think that such an inexpensive product can’t truly be effective, but this low-cost model has helped The Ordinary make its mark. The brand started in August 2016, selling high-quality, effective products for under $10 and already has a loyal following. (Hello, that 25,000 person waitlist speaks volumes – literally).

When asked about why and how they can keep their price-point so low, The Ordinary founder Brandon Truaxe said, “The reason we price our brand like we do is because we’re targeting a more educated audience that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of brand marketing to make them buy into the product.” Meaning, they’re less likely to pay an A-list celebrity to push their products, resulting in a greater savings for you and me. I dig it!

Stay up to date about when the product will be in stock, here.

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