Becky G Paid Homage to Selena at San Antonio Rodeo Concert

It’s no secret that Becky G loves Selena Quintanilla

Photo: Instagram/iambeckyg

Photo: Instagram/iambeckyg

It’s no secret that Becky G loves Selena Quintanilla. So it shouldn’t come at any surprise that during a recent concert at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, she paid homage to the Tejano singer once again. On Feb. 13, the 22-year-old sang a beautiful acoustic version of Selena’s “Dreaming Of You” for concert-goers in San Antonio. 

Famous fans from Cardi B to Kacey Musgraves have been paying tribute to Selena during their concerts in Texas, so it’s great to hear Becky G doing the same, mainly because we know she loves the late singer so much.

And it was a very emotional rendition. The performance included a purple backdrop — Selena’s signature color — and, as we said, a stripped-down version of this ballad, which included just two guitarists sitting side-by-side to Becky G. 

“I love San Antonio so much I’m actually crying,” Becky G tweeted. “This place brings back so many memories of the earliest days as a signed artist and has always felt like home for some reason.”

We’re sure her cover of Selena’s song went off without a hitch because Becky G has had a lot of practice singing her songs. She’s performed at the now-canceled Selena Texas festival — Fiesta de la Flor — back in 2018. 

Back then, she told The Caller, “[Selena] was the epitome of everything that I needed growing up. That Spanglish life, a little bit of English, a little bit of Spanish. You don’t have to choose,” Becky said. “I always say, I’m the 200 percent: 100 percent Latina just as much as I am 100 percent American. I shouldn’t have to divide myself to live in both worlds.”

In 2014 she also performed another Selena number, this time, it was a medley. She said on Facebook, “For the very first time ever I performed a medley of my favorite songs by one of my idols Selena Quintanilla…little did I know that the last time someone performed those songs was in 1994 when Selena herself performed on that same exact stage in that same exact place… BEASTERS Los quiero mucho. Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo.”

But our favorite Selena performance by Becky G has to be when she performed in 2009 on Sabado Gigante! She may not have been singing, but her moves, her hair, and her Selena jumpsuit were all on point. 

Becky G has had Selena in her DNA forever, and we love her for it!

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