The Best Apps for Rocking Those Amazing Vision Boards

“New year, new me” was all the rave on Jan 1st but now that we’re in February, you might find those new resolutions falling off your radar

Photo: Unsplash/@plhnk

Photo: Unsplash/@plhnk

“New year, new me” was all the rave on Jan 1st but now that we’re in February, you might find those new resolutions falling off your radar.

It’s normal to either fall off your goals or start to second guess your choices. You might be wondering “did I really want to run a 5k each month when I always opt for the elevator or escalators?” The key to reaching your goals is consistency and one great way to keep yourself on track is to create a vision board that you can look at over and over again.

There’s no time like the present to create your vision board and if you want to create one from your mobile devices, here are some resources to help you do that.

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Photo: Subconscious Vision Board/iTunes

Subconscious Vision Board is an interesting approach to building your vision board. This app uses a rapid-fire image program so that you can “reprogram your mind” to manifest the visuals you put together. Think of it as Hypnosis meets Instagram meets Law of Attraction.

Vision Board Apps HipLatina

Photo: iWish/iTunes

iWish is an app that helps you organize and manage your life goals, wishlists, and the popular “bucket lists.” This app is more structured where you can create collections around the different areas of your life such as wellness, relationships, sports, travel, career, and lifestyle. Taking the idea of a vision board to the next level, this app also helps you plan out how you will reach your goals so that your vision boards are more than just a pretty collage of images.

Vision Board Apps HipLatina

Photo: Visuapp/iTunes

Visuapp is a meditation vision board, which helps you bridge your dreams with action. This app is for the intuitive chica who wants to combine mindfulness with manifesting one’s goals. You can create affirmations that help encourage emotional wellness and a positive mindset while hustling for your dream life and career.

Vision Board Apps HipLatina

Photo: Pinterest/iTunes

Pinterest is the quintessential app for vision boards. It’s the easiest one to use and will likely have you spending hours browsing random pins. Personally I’ve used Pinterest to create collections and then I create a collage that can be used as my desktop and phone screensaver.

What’s ideal about Pinterest is that you have a tremendous database of visuals so finding the right graphics to reflect on your vision board won’t be a problem.

Vision Board Apps HipLatina

Photo: Picsart/iTunes

PicsArt, an image editor app, can also double as a vision board app. Simply find your collection of photos that you want to include on your vision board and use PicsArt to create collages. Get creative and use their filters so you can have a unique looking vision board. Afterwards, you can save your vision board collage on your device and/or share it on Instagram as a post or story.

These apps help simplify your vision board creation however they won’t bring your vision to life without some sweat equity and clear intentions. Birds of a feather build vision boards together so grab your crew and have a get-together dedicated towards creating your vision boards. This way you’ll have the tools to create them, the inspiration to think big, and the support to make them happen!


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