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Tatianna Tarot on Using Social Media to Demystify the Taboos of Her Craft

Tatianna Morales, aka Tatianna Tarot, is an Intuitive Tarot Therapist and Medium/Ritual Practitioner. She helps provide clarity and insight to those seeking spiritual enlightenment. She has a practical approach to divination which serves as a down-to-earth guide for those on their own spiritual journey. Over the past three years, she’s amassed an audience and leverages her expertise to amplify her explorations in consciousness.


HL: Which platforms have been the most helpful with building your brand?

TT: Instagram and then Twitter. I’m still learning the ABCs of using Facebook at my disposal.

HL: What kind of opportunities have you received because of your social media presence + engagement?

TT: It has been surreal, the amount of advantages and opportunities that I have acquired from my online presence. No one should ever underestimate the power of social media when applied in the right way.

I’ve been very fortunate to contribute to published books, collaborate with like-minded brands, spiritual entrepreneurs, celebrities, be featured in reputable articles and magazines – not to mention gain amazing friendships with powerful women in similar fields.

HL: What strategies have been the most effective for you in building an audience?

TT: One that I feel is most overrated is showing appreciation and actually engaging in your comments. It can be overwhelming at times but I do take the effort in reading and actually hearing what my audience is saying, whether that’s how they resonate with the work, what’s going on in their own lives or gratitude extended to the message. I feel like acknowledgement is not only phenomenal customer service but is at the utmost, a gesture of respect.

When it comes to reading Tarot, this is already a “taboo” area to dive into because of misconstrued beliefs. Listening to people’s concerns and proving that I am a trustworthy person through direct communication, helps me alleviate some of those fears and apprehensions that are often associated with my work. Another thing, I strive to post content that will resonate with people as a whole.

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#Tarot #Meditation // Ace of Pentacles It is no mistake when a card is pulled repetitively, should this happen, take it as a clear message that you must drive into your head. The Ace of Pentacles appeared to us in the middle of this month, presenting the gateway to new opportunities, increasing finances or giving you the thumbs up to initiate those ideas you had marinating in your brain. It's time to make your visions real. Here, you may be presented with a helping hand, resources appearing when you least expected and a physical sign of hope. If you're inquiring about relationship matters, this can represent the beginning of something strong and stable or focusing on long term results, growth & harmonious comfort. Building together is key; be on the look out for ways the cosmos is placing you at an advantage. A new home may be purchased, a new job may be acquired, be open to streaming in ways to make extra income as well. The Ace of Pentacles gives us the thumbs up that all will be well. We can expect to walk on solid ground after a period of uncertainty. Luck is expected at this time, do the work and watch your manifestations grow. It can be a time where you gain sharp clarity on how to approach & tackle on your goals efficiently. Alternatively, this card introduces energy that renews you & inspired you to expand your mind & interests. Indulge in educating yourself, pick up a new hobby, sign up for a class & do something you wouldn't normally do. Whatever you need to create what you will, is all around you. All you have to do is be proactive in taking advantage.

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HL: What advice would you give someone who is looking to build their brand on social media?



  • Be authentic and don’t fear sharing tidbits about your own experience and life.
  • Document as much about yourself that is comfortable for you but remember to enforce boundaries.
  • Dare to think outside of the box and utilize all resources at your disposal: hashtags, IG stores, IG live, loop giveaways, contests, videos, etc.
  • Study those that have been doing what you are for a longer time (or something similar) and see what works for them and what doesn’t. Ask yourself what value can you provide that they’re not providing or what value are they already providing and how can you do that in your own unique way & enhance it or give more?
  • Don’t fear the trial & error process.
  • See what works for you and what doesn’t and don’t stress the followers.
  • Also consistency is key.


HL: How do you manage your online presence?

TT: Honestly, it’s a pretty organic process, regarding the timing of my posts. I predominantly focus on Instagram and Twitter so I stick to those daily and will post on other platforms when I feel the pull. I generally aim to post my daily Tarot Meditations as soon as I get a free chance when I wake, if not by late afternoon. I automatically post that to Twitter, my website, Facebook & Tumblr. That is the most consistent post, the second most would be my weekly Tarot Energy Forecast videos on Youtube and my monthly Tarotscopes which go to the same platforms as well. It has been a good routine, posting in the morning before I get into emails and sessions but now [since I have a baby on the way] and more intentions to deliver regular posts, I’m looking into the functionality of Hootsuite.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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"I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being. And a wizard which is a male version of a witch, is kind of revered, and people respect wizards. But a witch, my god, we have to burn them. It's the male chauvinistic society that we're living in for the longest time, 3,000 years or whatever. And so I just wanted to point out the fact that men and women are magical beings. We are very blessed that way, so I'm just brining that our. Don't be scared of witches, because we are good witches, and you should appreciate our magical power." – Yoko Ono 👗: @d_webb_designs 📸: @theikphoto 🔮 Oils by: @TatiannaTarot for My Urban Illumination #tatiannatarot #dwebbdesigns #dwebbdancewear #witches #brujas #tbt #oils #magick #mamabruja #brooklynbruja #throwback #passion

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HL: You’re a pretty badass spiritual alchemist. How has social media helped you amplify your message?

TT: Thank You!! Social media is revolutionary in expressing one’s message and connecting with a plethora of people from different ethnicities, religious beliefs and social backgrounds. I’m grateful for the connections and lessons I’ve learned from this portal [so I make sure to] use it very intentionally. Every post does tie into my theme of demystifying the taboos of my craft (tarot and ritual), informing others about ritual beliefs and promoting spiritual wellness & independent conscious exploration. The difference is that I share my personal experiences and don’t impose them on anyone else.

I attempt to make my posts as universally approachable as possible and I think as a result, many individuals who normally would not gravitate to this genre or world of magic, are intrigued and lessening up the judgement. They are allowing themselves to explore new experiences and see what value it has to contribute to their own world.

HL: What can we expect to see from your online brand in the next few months?

TT: Wow so much! For starters, because I’m a mother-to-be, I intend to share more of my spiritual and personal journey through this process and with my partner. I’m also going to dive in deeper with my journey and add personal blogs and vlogs to my content that allow my audience to get a stronger feel of who I am as a person and not as “Tatianna the Mystic.”

It’s important to not get clouded in labels but also, I am hoping that my journey will inspire other budding spiritual entrepreneurs (be it mamas or not) to dive into the water and start swimming. I have regular content planned for New/Full Moon scopes, Monthly General Tarot Readings for astrology signs and a dope collaboration with a phenomenal astrologist. Very busy, yet very exciting!

You can check out Tatianna’s work or swing by her Instagram account and say HOLA!


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