30 of the Best Eyeliners that Will Give You the Perfect Wing

When it comes to eyeliner, Latinas don’t play any games. We love how it can make us look edgy, glamorous, and retro all at the same time. In fact, eyeliner plays a pretty big part in Latina beauty. It’s a product that’s been around since the ancient days and was originally very popular with Egyptian and North African women.

There are so many eyeliners options these days, it can seem overwhelming to branch out and try something new without that fear that you’ll buy something that won’t create a cool, even line. How many times have you used a new eyeliner only to later discover it’s watery, streaky, smudgy and an overall mess? We wanted to save you the drama, an help you keep your liner it where it should be — in your fabulous cat eye. The following are 30 superb eyeliners — in liquid, pencil, and gel form — that I found to be high-rated, celebrated, and purchased time and time again. The winners of the liner game, basically.

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