The 8 Best Hair Masks to Fix Your Dry, Winter Curls

Between the freezing cold temperatures, the harsh winds, and the indoor heating on full blast, our poor curls barely stand a chance during the wintertime. The lack of moisture in the air leaves curly hair dry, dull, and in some cases, even damaged. We all know by now that when it comes to curls, moisture is ALWAYS key. Repairing winter-beat rizos is all about moisturizing and nourishing them as much as possible. This is where hair masks become incredibly useful. These deep conditioners are loaded with ingredients that specifically work to deeply hydrate, nurture, and repair strands, leaving you with a head full of vibrant and bouncy curls. I’m all for hair masking at least once a week because believe it or not, it actually does make a major difference. Here’s a look at the only deep conditioning masks your curly hair needs right now!




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