8 Great Health Apps Every Women Can Use

  We believe life should get easier as you get older, not harder

Photo: Unsplash/@artur_luczka

Photo: Unsplash/@artur_luczka

We believe life should get easier as you get older, not harder. Since we all live on our phones, why not use them in a way that truly helps us live a richer life?! These eight apps will help keep you feeling healthier, happier, and living your most fulfilled life ever.


Yonder App

Photo: Yonder

Next time you crave fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and beautiful sightseeing, all you need to do is download this app. Yonder helps you find the best “off the beaten path” places to visit near you (or far from you), making it easy to search for experiences by activity, place, people, or tags. This social network for nature lovers also allows you to upload photos and write reviews so you can share your adventures with others using the app and with everyone you know via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text.


Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle App

Photo: Sleep Cycle

Everyone over 30 knows that feeling on top of your game when you’re sleepy gets harder and harder with age. Thankfully, Sleep Cycle tracks your movements while you sleep to determine the best moment to wake you up so that you feel refreshed during the day. When we sleep, we go through several sleep cycles that last approximately ninety minutes each, going from light sleep to deep REM-sleep (the phase in which we dream). This intelligent app makes the most of this natural rhythm, gently waking you up at the time when your sleep is the lightest. You can set your alarm clock to your ideal wake up time and Sleep Cycle will determine when to go off so you feel like you woke up naturally.



Happify app

Photo: Happify

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” said Aristotle. And thanks to Happify, the task of achieving this state of inner well-being is now much easier. With activities and games developed by positive psychology, mindfulness, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) experts, this app will help you overcome sadness, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions that keep you from living your best life possible. Start by finding out what your “happiness score”is,  and use that as a guide to figure out which small changes you can make each week in order to become an all-around happier person.



Lumosity App

Photo: Lumosity

Want to remember faces and names, never lose your keys again, and be faster at learning foreign languages? Lumosity is the perfect app to help you do this, with over fifty cognitive games designed by neuroscientists to strengthen specific mental skills. The idea is that just a few minutes of these mental exercises will work your brain in a similar way as weight lifting strengthens your muscles, and just as with muscles, your thirties is a critical decade to start doing the prevention work that will keep your mental capabilities in check later in life.




Photo: Headspace

What if ten minutes could change your whole day? And what if ten minutes a day could eventually change your whole life? If you have ever meditated on a daily basis, you will know that this ancient practice will achieve just that. The creators of Headspace clearly know this too, so they’ve worked hard to take any mysticism out of meditation and turn it into an easy, fun, and practical activity that you can do wherever you are. Every day, you can pick a meditation that fits your particular mood and time availability, and you can also learn ways to apply more mindfulness into all your other activities. Need some extra help? This app also lets you pair up with friends so you can keep each other motivated and get happier and more peaceful together.



Freeletics App

Photo: Freeletics

Forget expensive gym memberships and sweaty commutes. Freeletics is an app that helps you get in shape wherever you are (at home, outdoors, or at the gym), without the need of any equipment other than your own body. Using your body weight and ten minutes of your time (or more if you have them), this app will teach you effective workouts designed by sports scientists and athletes, and catered to your particular fitness level, lifestyle, and goals. Even if you’re one of those people who have a tough time finding the motivation to exercise, Freeletics has figured this out too, using built-in psychological techniques that will keep you excited about your workout and ensure that you put the time and effort each day to see the results you’re looking for.



Noom App

Photo: Noom

According to Noom, you need sixteen weeks of consistent action to form a new habit. And this is exactly what this health and wellness app intends to help you achieve. Whether you’re a sugar addict, need to lose weight, drink too much, or want to eat healthier in general, Noom helps you get there with the help of a custom-made “habit plan” that is easy to follow and doesn’t take much of your precious time. The health coaches behind this app are there to help you stay motivated and keep going for the sixteen weeks you need to make real long term changes, and their success rate is very high, with 78 percent of users sustaining weight loss after one year.


Healthy Living

Healthy Living app

Photo: Healthy Living

Want to be truly healthy? Then eating more veggies and exercising three times a week is not enough. This is a great start, of course, but if you truly want to up your health game you need to cut the crap completely out of your food, beauty, and cleaning products. This is why this app is so important (unless you already are a health nut and know exactly which products to get to avoid most harmful chemical additives). Don’t have the time to do your homework? No worries, Healthy Living will give you all the info you need so you can make smart and informed shopping decisions simply by scanning each product with your phone.

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