The 20 Best Latinx Shows of the Decade

As the 2010s were starting, Ugly Betty was ending. It was in many ways the OG of Latinx shows: a telenovela crossover, airing on one of the big three networks (ABC), starring America Ferrera and featuring her Mexican-American family. Arguably, its success opened the doors for the Latinx shows that followed. 

Unfortunately, that door is barely ajar. We’re still vastly underrepresented in media in network leads, side characters, and even speaking parts. That said, in the ten years since Ugly Betty ended, “television” has exploded with streaming services and more and more scripted shows. We may not have gotten our fair share of that ever-growing pie but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to celebrate.

As we step into the 2020s and the era of Disney++, let’s take a minute to remember the great Latinx shows of this decade. We’re defining the category loosely — it just needs to have made an impact on the E.E.U.U. market and center Latinx characters, either as the protagonist a la Ugly Betty or within its ensemble (so we couldn’t include shows like Mozart in the Jungle with just one, albeit great, Latinx character). 

Check out our top twenty Latinx shows of the 2010s, ranked and let us know how your favorites stack up!




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