30 BIPOC Songs That Remind You That You Are 100% That Chica

All women deserve to feel like they’re THAT CHICK, as often and for as long as possible

30 BIPOC Songs That Remind You That You Are 100% That Chica

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All women deserve to feel like they’re THAT CHICK, as often and for as long as possible. There is so much strength, resilience, intelligence (including emotional intelligence), beauty, and other amazingness that come from each and every female, that this really shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, the patriarchy, catty fighting between women, and our own daily war with ourselves keep this from being a regular thing.

We aim to help our readers, our community to feel as empowered, beautiful, and seen as possible. And if you can dance too? Even better. The following is a dope playlist we put together of 30 songs that will remind you of the reina you truly are.

wp_*posts”Girls,” Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been inspiring us to be our best, baddest Latinxs for a while now. She is always peppering empowering lyrics and ideas in her songs, including the jam, “Girls.” It speaks to the balance of being a successful woman who makes her own money, who also knows when to let loose and have fun.

wp_*posts”Scuse Me,” Lizzo

Lizzo is the queen of looking women in the eye and demanding that they recognize how badass they are. Her song, “Scuse Me” has the star proclaiming, “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen,” and gives other women the permission to feel the same way.

wp_*posts”Truth Hurts,” Lizzo

You know we weren’t going to do a roundup of songs that help you proclaim that you’re “that chick” without including Lizzo’s now classic, “Truth Hurts.” In it, her self-esteem and confidence allow her to dump a problematic F-boy, know that she deserves better, and not even worry about having a man in her life in the first place.

wp_*posts”Mas Buena,” Alejandra Guzman Ft. Gloria Trevi

There’s nothing more empowering than two tough as nails female artists joining forces to empower other women. This is exactly what Mexican icons Alejandra Guzman and Gloria Trevi did. One song that resulted from this power duo is “Mas Buena,” where they both celebrate the end of a bad relationship and how much better their lives are after it.

wp_*posts”Fighter,” Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera brought a lot of badassery to her 2002 album Stripped, including several moments of feminism and female empowerment. In the song “Fighter,” she doesn’t allow herself to play the victim of an unloyal relationship; instead she shows her growth and strength, thanking him for making her a fighter.

wp_*posts”Independent Women, Pt. 1″ Destiny’s Child

One of the greatest things about the women’s movement is that it helped create a generation of independent women who don’t need a man to support or take care of them. Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women Pt. 1,” released in 2000, sonically high-fived the many women who make their own money and buy their own things.

wp_*posts”La Respuesta,” Becky G and Maluma

Becky G is part of a wave of Latinx feminists who have infiltrated the usually macho genre of reggeaton music. In her song with Maluma, entitled “La Respuesta,” she lets him know exactly who he’s dealing with. Becky is a woman who doesn’t need any man or his money, is not going to wash a guy’s dishes and iron his clothes, and will not be controlled. So, no.

wp_*posts”A Quien Le Importa,” Thalia


Thalia had some time to call out the haters in 2002, and did it in her song, “A Quien Le Importa.” She spoke to the absolute freedom of knowing people are talking about her negatively, and not caring at all. In fact, she refuses to change and will not let anyone control her and force her to be the same as everyone else.

wp_*posts”Todos Me Miran,” Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi is the queen of getting knocked down and getting up, looking and feeling more fabulous than ever. She puts this experience into her jam, “Todos Me Miran.” In the song, she breaks free from a negative relationship and owns her brilliant shine with so much dazzling confidence.

wp_*posts”Dinero,” Jennifer Lopez Ft. Cardi B and DJ Khaled

Another meeting of two Latinx forces was Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B on the track, “Dinero.” It was a lavish homage to loving money, getting money, and not being apologetic about going after money. It is a big jefa anthem that will keep your focus on stacking your paper and getting those coins.

wp_*posts”Good as Hell (Remix),” Lizzo Ft. Ariana Grande

It’s no surprise that Lizzo has another track on this inspiring list. She has built her career on not only totally loving herself, but celebrating that love loud and clear. “Good As Hell” is a joyous example of this self-love, as well as a wake up call to women everywhere that they too are amazing. Peep this remix featuring another feminist, Ariana Grande.

wp_*posts”Survivor,” Destiny’s Child

Girl groups are a symbol of talent, greatness, and solidarity among women. As time has gone on, these groups have shifted the focus away from solely talking about a man’s love, to putting the focus on themselves and sharing important messages. Destiny’s Child has always been about being fierce and taking zero mess. “Survivor” is the ultimate “I survived what you tried to do, and am better for it” anthem.

wp_*posts”BO$$,” Fifth Harmony

There’s nothing like being reminded of other powerful, intelligent, and successful ladies to inspire your own greatness. Girl group Fifth Harmony shouts out former First Lady Michelle Obama and billionaire Oprah Winfrey in their jefa jam, “BO$$.” They also remind men that we make our own money and need respect over you showing off.

wp_*posts”Ovarios,” Jenni Rivera

When you want to feel like a total badass, you put on some Jenni Rivera. The late, great Chicana let everyone know she was sitting on her throne, and all the jefas should be sitting on theirs too. In the song, “Ovarios,” she reminded women to not feel less than a boss just because others want to take them down. To own our power, because we’re strong women!

wp_*posts”Mariposa de Barrio,” Jenni Rivera

Another empowering Jenni Rivera song is “Mariposa del Barrio.” It speaks to her extremely tough life, but the strength, beauty, and success that came from her struggles. It’s a great reminder that being that chick doesn’t just come from having a good life, but also from your ability to persevere through the worst that is thrown at you and come out the other side triumphant.

wp_*posts”Girl on Fire,” Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is an empowered woman who empowers women. Whether it’s through encouraging people to not depend on makeup to feel beautiful, or her fierce lyrics, she is always there to inspire and uplift. Her song “Girl on Fire” is an anthem for all those magnificent, motivated women who are so in their element that they are “on fire.”


“Conceited (There’s Something About Remy),” Remy Ma

In this throwback, 2005 song, “Conceited (There’s Something About Remy),” Remy Ma isn’t afraid to toot her own horn to the point of conceit, rapping, “I’m conceited I got a reason.” She is confident in who she is, and tells you to also get on board with knowing your worth, and exactly who you are.

wp_*posts”Bodak Yellow (Latin Trap Remix),” Cardi B Ft. Messiah

In the “Bodak Yellow” Latin trap remix, which features Messiah, Cardi B let’s people know she’s exactly that chick, in both English and Spanish. The song speaks to Cardi’s take-no-mess attitude, success, money flow, jefa status, and being copied in the game.

wp_*posts”No Matter What They Say,” Lil Kim


Lil Kim built an entire career on being strong, speaking her mind, and not playing small amongst the big boys. She made it known that she doesn’t care what people say, and you shouldn’t either, in her jam, “No Matter What They Say.” Because caring about what others think takes away from your focus, your grind, and your happiness.

wp_*posts”La Negra Tiene Tumbao,” Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz is such a wonderful inspiration to Afro-Latinxs everywhere. She made it to the very top of music by being exactly who she is and embracing it. She always gave that confidence back to Latinxs through her music and just through her person. But she presented an empowering and loving gift just to Afro-Latinas when she released “La Negra Tiene Tumbao,” a song that celebrates the beauty and style of the Afro-Latinx woman.

wp_*posts”Diva,” Beyoncé

When Beyoncé left Destiny’s Child, she took that girl group girl power and just continued to amplify it. Her 2008 song “Diva” reminds ladies that “Na-na-na, diva is a female version of a hustla,” and that divas should be out there making all that money.

wp_*posts”Ahora Me Llama,” Karol G and Bad Bunny

Karol G lets it be known that she is a strong, independent woman who does what she wants. This is exactly what she conveyed in the song, “Ahora Me Llama,” which features Bad Bunny. Karol, along with Bad Bunny, each let an ex know that not only are they over their former partners, but that they live their life in their own manner, and on their own terms.

wp_*posts”Soy Yo,” Bomba Estereo


Part of what makes you so powerful is your uniqueness. No one is exactly you, and that makes everything you have to offer the world totally special. Bomba Estereo reminds you in their song, “Soy Yo,” that if you are getting criticized for being different, all you have to say is “that’s me!”

wp_*posts”Immigrants (We Get the Job Done),” K’naan, Residente, Riz MC, and Snow Tha Product

Historically, but especially so in this political climate, immigrants have been made to feel less than, although we continuously do the hard work to help keep this country running. The song “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” reminds everyone who came to this country, as well as their children and grandchildren, that we should have immense pride for our accomplishments: “We’re America’s ghost writers, the credit’s only borrowed.”

wp_*posts”Confident,” Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been on a public journey to self-love, and in the process has inspired so many others to truly love themselves as well. One song in which she fiercely owns her confidence is the 2015 jam aptly named “Confident.”

wp_*posts”Look At Her Now,” Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has opened up about her rollercoaster relationship with Justin Bieber through her music. One of her latest singles, “Look At Her Now” is her way of showing how she came out the other side of the loss of love in a healthy, confident, and powerful way. Almost all of us can all relate to that!

wp_*posts”Wonder Woman,” Lion Babe

We all want and need to feel like Wonder Woman–because we are! There is so much we have gone through and grown through, making us superheroes in real life. That’s part of what gives us our strength, which also allows us to refuse what’s not good for us. Lion Babe puts this feeling to music in the song, “Wonder Woman.”

wp_*posts”Quiet,” MILCK

Singer MILCK, in her song “Quiet,” reminds herself, and women everywhere that they are a force to be reckoned with. We are strong, and our strength shouldn’t be weakened by the constant conditioning we have endured to just stay quiet and look pretty:

“I can’t keep quiet…A one woman riot…I can’t keep quiet, For anyone, Anymore.”

wp_*posts”Soy Mia,” Natti Natasha and Kany Garcia

We are always here for female artists coming together to send an important, strengthening message. Natti Natasha and Kany Garcia worked together on a song to do just that. “Soy Mia” breaks the outdated notion that a woman needs a man to save them, complete them, or tell them what to do. A woman belongs to herself and someone’s love is just what’s added to the complete love she has for herself.

wp_*posts”Beautiful,” Christina Aguilera

We wanted to end this playlist with a delicate, yet still strong song. Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful” (as well as the video) became legendary for pushing through ignorance, hatred, discrimination, self-doubt, and pain to remind everyone that they are beautiful “in every single way.”

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