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30 BIPOC Songs That Remind You That You Are 100% That Chica

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
All women deserve to feel like they’re THAT CHICK, as often and for as long as possible. There is so much strength, resilience, intelligence (including emotional intelligence), beauty, and other amazingness that come from each and every female, that this...

15 Things to Know About Legendary Chicana Activist Dolores Huerta

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Born in Dawson, New Mexico, in 1930, Chicana activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta stood up for farm workers, and in the process fought for POC, Latinxs, women, and all of humanity. Alongside the equally-iconic Chicano activist Cesar Chavez, Huerta...
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Jennifer Lopez Will Play a Stripper in Upcoming Film And It’s Totally Empowering

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Jennifer Lopez has just announced that she will star as a stripper in the upcoming film titled Hustlers. First instinct might be to roll your eyes and assume it’s just another way for her to show off her famous body, but...