10 Black & Brown Female Rappers You Need On Your Playlist ASAP

As a lover of hip-hop and a supporter of women, I’m forever searching for new artists to bump. I’m also striving to be more intersectional with my hip-hop artists, since music is yet another way that we can learn about different walks of life — something that is especially relevant if you’re trying to get out of

Photo: Unsplash/@kaysha

Photo: Unsplash/@kaysha

Vel The Wonder

Vel is an LA based rapper, singer, songwriter with that kind of West Coast dreamy sound aesthetic Lana Del Rey ripped off. Her songs will make you want to kick back with your girls and relax.

Ruby Ibarra

Ruby Ibarra is a Bay Area rapper, spoken word artist and music producer. She injects aspects of her Filipino heritage and experiences of being an immigrant into her rhymes. She also uses her music to challenge systems of hegemony and call out injustices in English and Tagalog.


Baby how you feelin? If you’re listening to Lizzo chances are you feel pretty good. This Minneapolis based rapper is known for her upbeat flow and empowering lyrics.


Dreezy has that fire trap sound but she dabbles in pop too. She hails from south side Chicago and has collaborated with artists like Gucci Mane and Jeremih.

Danay Suarez

This Cuban singer/rapper’s songs are a fusion of American Hip-Hop and Reggae. Her songs deal with social issues and her Christian faith. She was nominated for 4 Latin Grammy in 2017.

Raja Kumari

Raja Kumari is an Indian American songwriter, rapper and recording artist reppin Claremont, California! Her sound is a combination of contemporary rap, Indian beats, Hindi rhymes and traditional Indian dress/dance. She’s collaborated with artists like Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony and Knife Party.

Rocky Rivera

San Francisco native Rocky Rivera is not a female MC — at least that’s what her website says. Rivera is an artist whose music deals with breaking stereotypes, challenging misogyny, dismantling the mechanisms of oppression, and her Filipino heritage.

Lucy Camp

This mercurial lyricist muses on relationships and the lessons we learn growing up. Her flow is fierce and her lyrics will get you feeling some type of way.

Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab has that old school forceful delivery reminiscent of Tupac and Queen Latifah. This Seattle born rapper is holding it down for the Black/Lithuanians of the world.


Kimmortal is a queer non-binary filipinx artist from Vancouver, Canada. She incorporates song, poetry, rap, dance, and visuals into her performances. Her artistic style really reminds me of Solange.

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