16 Female Rappers Making Major Waves in the Music Industry

I’m always on the lookout for new music

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Stathum

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Stathum

I’m always on the lookout for new music. I’m especially on the lookout for female rappers that aren’t Nicki Minaj – no shade – I just wish there was a more diverse pool of hip hop artists to choose from.

Whenever women make waves in male-dominated fields the haters come out of the woodwork. But these ladies have earned their due and are out there doing their thing so respect the hustle! Here are the 16 female rappers that you need to listen to ASAP.

Ana Tijoux


@anatijoux is a French/Chilean rapper spitting political rhymes over traditional Chilean music and instruments. My favorite quote from her is “Hip-hop is the land of the people that don’t have a land.”

Song to get obsessed with: “1977”


Snow Tha Product


@snowthaproduct is a Chicana rapper from San Jose, California. My favorite thing about her is that she raps in Spanish and English with equal dexterity. It is impressive! She also doesn’t shy away from politics and issues that affect the Latino community in Trumplandia.

Song to get obsessed with: “I Don’t Wanna Leave”




@reverielove is out here reppin’ Highland Park, CA and the West Coast, which brings a tear to my eye and puts a song in my heart. She embodies the kind of laid back Hip Hop culture California is known for. Her mixtapes chronicle her artistic evolution and personal/emotional growth.

Song to get obsessed with: “Scheming”


Bad Azz Becky


@iambadazzbecky raps, sings and is an overall badass! She raps about her personal struggles and trying to make it in the rap game.

Song to get obsessed with: “On The Way”


Angel Haze


@angxlhxze is a masterful lyricist with an aggressive style that almost tumbles out of her. Her music is perfect for when you’re trying to hype yourself up!

Song to get obsessed with: “Werkin Girlz”


Cardi B


The Dominican American rapper @iamcardib best known for her role on Love & Hip Hop New York – has been climbing the charts for the last few weeks with her latest single “Bodak Yellow.” IT IS FIRE!

Song to get obsessed with: “Bodak Yellow”


Nitty Scott MC

@nittyscottmc is a star on the rise who has gained notoriety for her freestyling, in particular her 3 minute freestyle on “Monster” that went viral.

Song to get obsessed with: “Negrita in Wonderland”


Princess Nokia


@princessnokia is probably the most well-known underground Afro-Latina hip hop artist. Her music touches on Afro-Caribbean culture as well as being unapologetically brown and proud.

Song to get obsessed with: “Brujas”


Jungle Pussy

@junglepussy’s rhymes deal mostly with female empowerment, black empowerment, and issues of sexuality race and gender. She’s a total baws!

Song to get obsessed with: “Bling Bling”


Lady Leshurr

@imladyleshurr’s released a series of freestyles in 2016 the 4th of which went viral. Her style is funny and down to earth.  

Song to get obsessed with: “Queen’s Speech Episode 4”


Sharaya J


@banjiraya is signed to Missy Elliott’s The Goldmine Inc. label. She was also a choreographer and creative director in her pre-rapper life. You can definitely hear the Missy influence in her style.

Song to get obsessed with: “Banji”  


Karol Conka


@karolconka is one of the most prominent female rappers in Brazil. Her music is a combination of baile beats and Afro-Latino influence, which makes for a pretty dope sound when combined with rhymes.

Song to get obsessed with: “Boa Noite”




@gavlynnn is a Latina out here reppin’ San Fernando, California!  She’s been featured on Snoop Dogg’s GGN, MTV, and Mass Appeal. She’s a powerful lyricist and performer her YouTube channel has over 25 million views!

Song to get obsessed with: “We On”


Raven Felix


@ravenfelix is also coming straight outta San Fernando! She’s the First Lady of the Taylor Gang! She’s already worked with the likes of Snoop, Nef the Pharaoh, and Wiz Khalifa.

Song to get obsessed with: “Hit The Gas” ft. Snoop Dogg, Nef The Pharaoh


Dej Loaf


@dejloaf hails from Detroit, Michigan and this girl is blowing UP! I’m sure you’ve heard her on the radio. She’s known for her laid-back style and distinct delivery.

Song to get obsessed with: “I Can Feel It In The Air”



Alyssa Marie


@alyssamarieraps is a bad ass lyricist from Massachusetts. She gets down! Her flow is impressive and her deep tone makes for a great delivery.

Song to get obsessed with: “Jumping Jacks”

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