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5 Books To Empower Your Inner #GirlBoss

There is no official #Girlboss degree but that doesn’t mean we can’t all benefit from learning a thing or two from the ladies who paved the way. Being a #Girlboss isn’t just limited to entrepreneurship. Being a boss in your personal life makes you just as much of a #Girlboss as the chica with a side hustle.

When you’re ready to upgrade your own personal swagger, check out these books, written by some amazing women, who are redefining what it means to be a well-rounded #Girlboss in all areas of their lives.

Style Your Mind

Tips to Empower Every #Girlboss HipLatina

Cara Alwill Leyba’s workbook and lifestyle guide is a must-read for anyone who needs to work on their confidence so that their inner light can shine bright like a diamond. She writes about how we can design our lives with empowering tips and a practical approach.

Own Your Glow 

Tips to Empower Every #Girlboss HipLatina

Learn how to give your inner queen the crown she deserves to wear. As a wellness and lifestyle expert, Latham Thomas offers a soulful approach to standing in your truth so you can own your power. She is an experienced doula who has helped bring lives into this world and that expertise has given her a powerful voice to speak on transformation.

The Universe Has Your Back

Tips to Empower Every #Girlboss HipLatina

Anything Gabrielle Bernstein writes is sure to transform your perspective of life. Her honest and down to earth voice for all things faith and divine living will make you believe that you too can transform fear into faith. In addition to a book, she has an oracle card deck, by the same name.

Rise Sister Rise

Tips to Empower Every #Girlboss HipLatina

Being a modern #Girlboss includes spiritual enlightenment. Rebecca Campbell writes a guide reminding women about the divine feminine and how this energy can elevate our worldview. This book will give you permission to honor what you want, desire, and crave so that you can claim a life on your own terms.

We’re Going to Need More Wine

Tips to Empower Every #Girlboss HipLatina

It’s hard not to read this book without thinking of Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union’s book is full of honest and raw essays about love, life, and everything in between. In a world where the millennial voices are prominent, this book lends a powerful voice that speaks to the often overlooked Gen X women.

There are countless of amazing books written by #GirlBosses all over the world. These will help give you a quick crash course on how to honor your authentic self and embrace the fierce woman you need to be in order to crush it, in life and elsewhere.

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