Books to Read When You Want to Make a Career Change

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Whether you’re looking to take that leap of faith into entrepreneurship or you simply want to change your career, having the right foundation can help make your transition that much smoother. Sometimes life happens and we’re forced to pivot on a whim. Other times, we can chart a course with time and planning.  If you’re looking to make a change in the next few weeks or months, here are some books, in no particular order, to help guide your #GirlBoss moves.

The Big Leap

Books to Read When You Want to Make a Career Change HipLatina

In this book, Gay Hendricks talks about operating in your “zone of genius.” I read this book once every six months or so. It gives you a whole new perspective on why we tend to stay in “status quo” mode. Making any kind of professional change takes courage and this book helps you unlock the self-confidence you will need to not only take that big leap but feel confident in your own power.

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