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‘The Brothers Garcia’ Reboot Series Picked Up by HBO Max

Update 3/25/2022: The Garcias premieres April 14 on HBO Max

So many beloved series have made a comeback including Charmed and Saved by the Bell, both featuring Latinx cast members, and now The Brothers García is getting a second life on screen. The family comedy series aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons from 2000 to 2004. At the time it was considered the first English-language sitcom to have an all Latino cast and creative team. The original series followed the García family, three brothers, and a twin sister, as they grow up and juggle school and work in San Antonio, Texas. The revival is not technically a remake but a sequel dubbed The Garcías that’ll feature the Garcia children as adults reuniting with their parents for a three-month summer vacation in a luxury home by the beach.

New Cadence Productions is helming the project, headed by original show co-creator and executive producer Jeff Valdez and Sol Trujilo. Production is scheduled to begin in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico next month. “The original show was always about a simple slice of life story that happened in this family,” Valdez told Variety. “In every episode, there’s a lesson to be learned. We wanted to keep that simple contract with our audience.”

The six core original cast members will reprise their roles including Carlos Lacámara, Ada Maris
Jeffrey Licon, Bobby González, Vaneza Pitynski, and Alvin Alvarez. Trujillo described the themes of the upcoming series as “aspirational and universal” and added that the trademark closer for every episode, “Todo para la familia” will remain.

Lacamara noted that the series is a trailblazer in its depiction of a middle-class Latino family. Variety reported that the resort setting in the sequel is intentional as part of Valdez’s mission to show Latino families beyond the stereotypes that include being poor and gang members. “We were the first show to show a middle-class Latino family. It’s still a rare thing,” Lacamara told Variety. “And yet it feels so much more normal for everyone to see this these days.”

HBO Max ordered a 10-episode run of the series, no word yet on a release date. The original series is currently not available for streaming. Valdez told Variety that New Cadence has full control of the series which is even more significant considering Valdez gave the family the surname that was his mother’s maiden name.

“We want audiences to see that we are totally American and part of the ‘new mainstream,'” Valdez said, Comic Book Resource reported. “There are no themes of narcos, border walls, gang bangers or maids anywhere in this series — a fact that we are very proud of and hope that Hollywood will follow suit. We are extremely proud of the fact that this show will easily achieve 90+% positive Latino inclusion both in front of and behind the camera.”