Camila Cabello Fans Show the Singer They’ve Been With Her Since Day One

Camila Cabello has come a long way since she first started performing, and so have her fans

Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello has come a long way since she first started performing, and so have her fans. From her early days with Fifth Harmony to branching out on her own, her fans have stuck by her through thick and thin, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Last night, Cabello’s fans got #GloUpWithCamila trending on Twitter, which was all about how they’ve grown up right alongside her from their teenage years to adulthood. And they have the pictures to prove it. tweeted: “from awkward teenagers to real life adults, it’s been a wild ride. forever proud of you girly.” And Cabello responded as well! “From awkward teenagers to awkward adults to awkward old people- let the ride begin,” Cabello tweeted. : “5 years ago on this day my mom bought me a m&g for my 17th birthday so i could hug her and then this weekend i posed with her for my 22nd birthday.” Cabello responded to her with: “Mary you angel. will never forget you waiting outside at Central Park for the today show and I knew you must’ve gotten up at like 3 am to be there! love you forever.”

Wow, she has a solid memory of her most loyal fans! We love the fact that her fans are sharing all of these wonderful moments with Cabello. But it’s even more amazing that the singer is taking time to really engage with her fans. That’s what all celebs should do! Nothing says “I appreciate you” than showing the respect back to the people who put you at the top.

Below are some highlights of pretty amazing #GloUpWithCamila moments.

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