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Camila Cabello Performs Mariachi Christmas Cover at the White House

Sofía Aguilar
After starring in Amazon Prime’s Cinderella and releasing the first single from her upcoming third album Familia, Camila Cabello ended the year with a bang by performing at the White House (again)! To help celebrate the holiday season, the Cuban-Mexican-American...
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10 of Camila Cabello’s Best and Funniest TikToks

Something has come to my attention lately that I totally was not expecting: Camila Cabello is funny! I’ve always thought she was a pretty standard polished pop star and that her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes was cute, but...
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Camila Cabello Plays Empowered Heroine in Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’

Virginia Isaad
Amazon Prime’s Cinderella is unlike any other adaptation of the tale we’ve seen before. Starring Cuban-Mexican-American pop singer Camila Cabello in the titular role, the film starts in a familiar place with an orphaned Cinderella, her abusive stepmother and stepsisters,...