Camila Cabello and Mark Ronson Dropped the Best Love Song Ever

Camila Cabello warned us the storm was coming

Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello warned us the storm was coming. Well, it’s here. The Cuban singer unloaded a brand new single yesterday, and people on social media are already releasing their own renditions of the song. Mega-producer Mark Ronson recruited Cabello for his song “Find U Again,” and it’s just the love pop ballad we need this summer.

Here’s a portion of the lyrics, first get some tissue!

“Baby, baby, I
Walk in the late night
Looking for your eyes
Put up a fight to find you
Lose it every time
You were the last of your kind
All of the blame’s mine

And I remember you told me
That we could work it all out, don’t you worry
And now the tears in your eyes make it blurry
But if you say try again, I’d be ready
I’m ready, yeah
I’ll try to pass the night away with somebody new
But they don’t have a shot when I compare them to you.”

Okay, our heart is officially broken, but in the best way possible.

Ronson told Rolling Stone that he had the song ready to go, but he had to find the right singer for it, which he said was not easy to do. He noted that Cabello was the right person for the track.

“I was thinking the person that has to sing this song, it has to have such a combination of different things because it’s almost like this laser, the way the voice cuts through,” he told the publication. “Very few people have that. Rihanna has that. I think I was literally driving on the radio and either ‘Havana,’ ‘Consequences,’ I can’t remember. Something came on and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, that’s the voice.’ You know? And then I wrote her a text and explained what the record was about, and she loved the whole concept, the heartbreak, and the crying-dancing-singing thing.”

We are beyond thrilled that Cabello is back! She was gone for a minute, traveling through Europe and such but she was also working on new music, and the result is incredible. She also said she has a new album in the works, and don’t forget she’s already scheduled to play Cinderella. The girl does not stop!

Here’s the hot new single below.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below! And congrats, Camila on the song!

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