Cardi B Is Really Angry at Gov. Kemp Over Reopening Georgia

People are not happy with Georgia Gov

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People are not happy with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. For reasons only known to him, he had decided that despite rising coronavirus cases in the state, that it’s time to reopen. Starting tomorrow, salons, movie theaters, bowling allies, gym, and other businesses will be allowed to reopen. Cardi B, who bought a mansion in Atlanta not that long ago, is not having it. 

“I just want to let people DONT GO AROUND YOUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS!” Cardi commented on an Instagram post about the new Georgia ordinance, which goes into effect tomorrow. Cardi warned people that going out now will not only put their health in jeopardy but those people around them, including their elderly loved ones. She said that if they do infect anyone, the situation will only worsen from there because COVID-19 patients will have to be placed in overcrowded hospitals. 

“Once there sick and in the hospital, wit covid you won’t be able to see how and what they treating them with. They will literally have them die slow! They are not nurturing covid patience with the proper foods, tea to boost their immunes. STRAIGHT MEDICATION! Your parents, grandparents or YOU will most likely pass by yourself in a cold hospital with no physical contact with your love ones. HEALTH OVER CAPITALISM!”

As Cardi points out, this situation isn’t just about catching some kind of harsh cold. Still, the real problem is putting others at risk, overwhelming doctors and nurses with even more patients, and all of that can result in the death of the most vulnerable people in your life. 

As of today, 20,166 confirmed cases have been reported in Georgia, with more than 800 deaths. A majority of mayors in Georgia, including Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Savannah Mayor Van R. Johnson, and Albany Mayor Bo Dorough, have all said that Gov. Kemp’s move to reopen the state is way too soon. 

They’re encouraging businesses in their state to remain closed, and the majority of people in the state are saying they will not be patronizing these businesses.  

Please stay home,” Mayor Bottoms said, according to The Hill. “Simply because we have hospital beds available doesn’t mean that we should work to fill them up.” She added, “There’s nothing essential about going to a bowling alley during a pandemic.” 

We’re very interested to see who will be frequenting these places starting tomorrow and showing their irresponsible behavior. 

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