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Cardi B & Bruno Mars Channel Selena Quintanilla for New Song

A new collaboration between Cardi B and Bruno Mars is HERE!!! Well, at midnight on Friday, but soon and we cannot wait! Cardi B made her return to Instagram since taking days taking down her account in the aftermath of her Grammy win.

“Ok so I’m back from retirement to announce I have a brand new song coming out Friday at midnight with @brunomars. #twogrammywinningartist,” Cardi wrote on Instagram.

The girl isn’t messing around. Who has time to go mute when you have music to promote?

Now, back to this new project single. We’re trying to break down anything and everything about this track. If we can gather anything from Cardi and Bruno Mars’ previous single release “Finesse,” we know that this duo likes to go nostalgic, and we think they may do the same with their new song.

Furthermore, we’re going to claim that Cardi B and Bruno Mars will be releasing a Latin-inspired, Selena-Quintanilla trap single. There we said it, and we have the proof!

Ready?? Here we go…

1. The tassels

Instagram cardi

Tejano means having lots of tassels and Cardi is showing off some real Texas vibes here. Selena wore tassels all the time, so this is a clear indication that the duo has something Latin up their Texas sleeve.

2. The bustier

Instagram cardi

Seriously? A bustier says it all! It’s crisscrossed just like Selena used to wear and it’s also bedazzled with a ton of gems.

3. Cardi wearing purple head-to-toe!

Instagram cardi

Selena’s signature color was purple and Cardi’s entire attire is head to toe purple.

4. Como la lollipop?

Instagram cardi

This one is a bit tricky, but when we first saw the picture, that red thing Cardi B is holding seemed like a red rose. But upon further inspection, it’s a red lollipop. While it’s not a rose, we still think this is Cardi’s way of paying homage to the late Tejano singer.

5. Cholo vibes

Instagram cardi

Now let’s inspect Bruno Mars because he has a Latin-influenced look here too. Check out his pompadour hair and his mustache. That’s how cholo’s back in the 50s used to wear their hair.

6. The Zoot Suit chains

Instagram cardi

The gold chains indicate a throwback to the Latino Zoot Suiters from Los Angeles.

7. The fly shirt

Instagram cardi

The cuffed sleeves and the loose-fitting shirt is a tribute to Latin fashion from back in the day, and he wears it so well!

So there you have it! We cannot wait to see how this Latin look will be incorporated into their new single. We’re sure it’ll be poppin’.